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LeBron Picking up Laundry is Bigger than you Think

The game’s greatest player set another precedent: don’t leave laundry on the locker-room floor.

After the Cavaliers won over the Sixers 108-105 on Saturday, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James were the only two members of the Cavs who remained in the locker room. While Irving was answering questions about the game, James could be found picking up laundry after his teammates just, inexplicably, threw it on the ground—downright trifling.

“Hopefully I only have to say something once,” James said, per Joe Vardon of “Can’t leave the locker room like that.”

This may seem like a small thing, but really it is not. As a leader, actions speak louder than words, and what better action to take than to lay down the law of the land, in the preseason, that is.

This trivial situation is actually big due to the underlying message: humility.

It shows that the best player on the best team, a championship team at that, can, in fact, go back to the drawing board and start from ground zero. LeBron is saying despite winning a championship, the team has to still trust the process, and not cut any corners. This includes engaging in exceptional work habits.

An exceptional work habit is not leaving filthy laundry bags all over the Cavs work environment, rather, it is having a clean and organized environment where people can work productively; that’s the kind of tone LeBron is setting.

LeBron, who has won four MVP’s and three championships, has always been a player who ensures the guys around him are eating good, playing good and are comfortable. He has always been one of the guys, whether it’s by making sure everybody gets to shoot the ball, being a brother or being the consummate team leader.

The picking up of laundry for his teammates shows his other teammates that the process of winning another championship is not by taking the easy way out, but shows that everything in the process must not be taken for granted, and must be performed harder, stronger and faster.

However, it also shows a high regard for the folks who clean out the locker-room once the players leave.

Like it or dislike it, score another basket for LeBron, who is absolutely, positively following the recipe for another championship—back-to-back championships.


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