Keystone Habits – The Key to Achieving New Year Resolutions

Want better health? Want to lose weight?  Well Dr. Syleecia Thompson, serial entrepreneur and entertainment agent, says – vision, plan, execute – a seemingly simple process that anyone can craft to facilitate their goals, and for this time of year – New Year resolutions. There are an estimated 21.4% of people this year resolving to lose weight. Most, unfortunately, will not reach their goals. If it were only as easy as to follow this 3-step template and watch achievement after achievement come to fruition. So why can’t it be this easy? Habit. As humans we we are inclined to form these default neurological patterns that are governed by a trigger, a routine and a reward. Walking into the kitchen in the morning is a trigger to make coffee, the routine, followed by the reward being  the aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee. They are hard to form and difficult to break. Nonetheless, habits are malleable. We do this by creating keystone habits where other good habits form around the primary one. For example, just going to the gym will likely make you drink more water and eat clean than otherwise.  Below are some keystone habits you should consider forming in order wellness behaviors become part of your lifestyle, and hence foster your goals to come to fruition.

The first thing in the quest to improve our health is to not necessarily add to our life, but to eliminate. Going foo