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Keri Hilson & Miss Lawrence Join #STOPHIVATL Campaign

This past week, The Fulton County Board of Health (BOH) officially launched the #STOPHIVATL, a social marketing campaign designed to end HIV in Fulton county by raising awareness of HIV, eliminating the stigma and providing information about new medications, like Pre-Exposure HIV Prophylaxis (PrEP), that have been proven to prevent HIV when used correctly. Keri Hilson (Singer/Songwriter) and Miss Lawrence (Star/Real Housewives of Atlanta) joined the campaign to lend their voice and celebrity to spread awareness in the community that they were born and raised in.

In addition to unveiling campaign visuals and showcasing BOH community partners, the #STOPHIVATL launch will symbolically foster an inter-municipal collaboration and community-wide commitment through a pledge by civic leaders, local celebrities, residents and influencers who share the agency’s desire to effectively eradicate and treat HIV in Fulton County. During the event, organizers, media, and other attendees all took the official #STOPHIVATL pledge promising to do their part to spread awareness and end the virus that is affecting the community.

To learn more, click here.


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