Kanvar Singh Talks The Time Luxury Hotel and Working in the Hospitality Industry

Kanvar Singh, Area Managing Director, talks about the boutique luxury hotel brand, working in the hospitality industry, and becoming a rising star.

How did you get into the hospitality industry?

I got into hospitality because I really admire Mr. Chatwal, the owner of Dream Hotel Group. While I was still in college, I started working in his hotels as a management trainee. When you enter the hospitality industry, you either love it or hate it, and I loved it. I have a lot of passion for what I do and I love going to work. This passion has guided me to where I am now. It’s such a big part of me.

Did you go to school for hospitality?

I did not go to school for hospitality, but once I joined the industry and developed a passion for it, I was eager to further develop my skills. At age 24, I was the youngest person to graduate from Cornell’s intensive two-week General Managers program. There were 45 of us from 30 different countries in the program; it was an incredible experience where I was able to create phenomenal relationships that I will cherish forever.

What makes Time Hotel the best luxury hotel to stay at?

The Time Hotels provides every individual with personalized services, offering only top-of-the-line amenities and innovative technology meant to enhance the guest experience. We make sure that each guest has a personalized stay, whether they are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or are here with family or on business. We curate our guest services based on the type of visit and seek to create meaningful and lasting relationships with our guests before they arrive and after they leave, so they always know they have a home away from home at The Time Hotels.

Being someone who has grown with the company, how important is it to stay current with the ever- changing demand of your consumers?

It is extremely important to stay current with the ever-changing consumer demands, because without “them” there would be no “us.” Our goal is to provide the best experiences to all our guests and leave a lasting impression so they stay with us time and time again. It’s important to know the values and interests for our guests; for example, millennials care about technology. As such, we make an effort to stay on top of all the latest and best technologies that we can offer our guests, from USB ports on the nightstands to Smart TVs in-room, providing easy accessibility for guests staying with us. In addition to the best technology, we still strive to provide personalized services and to curate meaningful experiences for guests. Our concierge appeals to people looking for social experiences, assistance in making dinner reservations, purchasing Broadway tickets, etc. We’re involved with local happenings and local businesses, which I believe is key. Another example is that even though we have a gym at The Time New York, some of our guests wish to take classes, so we partnered with Equinox to offer our guests this option. It is important in the luxury boutique industry to understand our guests’ needs before they have to ask.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in going into the hospitality industry?

I would advise any individual interested in entering the hospitality industry to be patient. Hospitality is a great field and is constantly growing, evolving and changing, but it takes hard work and dedication to move up the ladder. If you love working with people and social engagement, hospitality may be the right industry for you.