Joshua Trundle Talks Fitness, Purpose and Good Eats

More than ever these days people have started to care about their health and wellness and because of this social media is filled with fitness instructors, diet plans and people selling products to help you get to your ideal weight. Every now and then, you come across someone who has managed to do it uniquely, someone who brings a sense of authenticity and comfort while helping others achieve health and wellness freedom.

Josh Trundle is that difference. He is not only a fitness instructor, but he has also authored the new book Cheat Sheet for Good Eats. He knows that with active lifestyles it can be challenging to eat healthily, but if you must eat fast food, he provides healthier options in the book. Hailing from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, this interview personally hit home because it feels good to highlight great people doing great things.

Who is Josh Trundle?

Joshua Trundle is a 27-year old entrepreneur who stepped out on faith and took a chance on himself to build a fitness brand at the age of 23. Born and raised in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio, I am a son, brother, and uncle. I am resilient, humble, innovative and a hard worker. Those have allowed me to maintain constant growth while building my brand in the fitness industry.