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Joshua Trundle Talks Fitness, Purpose and Good Eats

More than ever these days people have started to care about their health and wellness and because of this social media is filled with fitness instructors, diet plans and people selling products to help you get to your ideal weight. Every now and then, you come across someone who has managed to do it uniquely, someone who brings a sense of authenticity and comfort while helping others achieve health and wellness freedom.

Josh Trundle is that difference. He is not only a fitness instructor, but he has also authored the new book Cheat Sheet for Good Eats. He knows that with active lifestyles it can be challenging to eat healthily, but if you must eat fast food, he provides healthier options in the book. Hailing from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, this interview personally hit home because it feels good to highlight great people doing great things.

Who is Josh Trundle?

Joshua Trundle is a 27-year old entrepreneur who stepped out on faith and took a chance on himself to build a fitness brand at the age of 23. Born and raised in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio, I am a son, brother, and uncle. I am resilient, humble, innovative and a hard worker. Those have allowed me to maintain constant growth while building my brand in the fitness industry.

Tell us about “Do You Fitness”.

The name Do You Fitness goes deeper than just wellness. Do You Fitness specializes in functional movements and teaches others how to obtain complete wellness (mentally and physically) through a number of different programs that are available online and face to face.

How important do you feel mental fitness is when achieving physical fitness?

Your mental and physical go hand in hand. You can’t obtain physical fitness without mental fitness, which is why a lot of people never reach their physical goals. Mentally they’re not strong enough to endure the pain and overcome it to reach their pleasure. That honestly is one of the biggest variables outside of nutrition. Mentally if you’re not into it, you’ll just go through the motions and not get the full benefits or worse case, you’ll just quit. Mental health, especially within the African American community is huge. Men (especially black men) are held to a certain standard and expected to be strong. As long as I can remember, up until recently, you had to just tough it out. It wasn’t cool to let people know you needed help. I’m a strong-minded individual and I put a lot of pressure on myself to accomplish the things that I am striving for. Even being mentally strong, there are days where I’m exhausted mentally. I know half of it is probably because I’m used to dealing with it and not saying much about it. We as men are honestly too prideful. I feel like it goes back to how we grew up. Most of us grew up with a ‘survival mode’ mentality. Knowing all this, I’ve created my newest program B.O.S.S UP, which is a mind and body transformation blueprint.

Tell us about the B.O.S.S Up Program.

Almost a year ago, I was forced to think about what my ideal client looks like since I wanted to take my business more online. With me being an entrepreneur and being around other like-minded individuals, I discovered everyone within and outside of the fitness industry had the same troubles. Those things included low energy, no personal time for themselves, a lack of productivity and stress. I quickly thought of my own personal journey and realized the things I did to help myself could be used to help other entrepreneurs. I mapped out a blueprint that will keep you mentally strong, improve overall wellness and create productivity within their business.

How has your hometown of Cleveland influenced?

On a positive note, Cleveland has taught me survival. Cleveland has prepared me mentally to be tough in life and in business. I feel like outside of my immediate family and close friends I’ve made during this journey, I honestly don’t get much support. It’s no one else’s dream but mine though, so I don’t expect anyone else to go as hard for me as I would.

What legacy do you want to leave?

I want to break generational curses. I want to be an example for others to know you can take your own destiny into your own hands.

What sort of training and research do you feel has gotten you to where you are today?

I feel that functional training, which is basically movements within the gym that translate to a better quality of life, has always stood out to me, especially coming from a sports background. My ability to use my knowledge with anatomy and exercise science to put together creative workouts as well as programs that make sense has helped me stay ahead of the game. There’s a method to my madness. Also one of the biggest components is having a nutritionist help with designing my custom meal plans for clients. A lot of trainers don’t know in full depth about nutrition.

Tell us about Cheat Sheet for Good Eats.

Cheat Sheet for Good Eats, which is my very first book, is an on-the-go eating guide that teaches you about processed foods, proper water intake, dairy intake, portion control and healthy cookout alternatives as well as identifying some of America’s favorite fast-food restaurants and identifying the best options (including carbs, sodium, sugar, fats and protein intake) within these locations. The biggest thing I hope people take away from this book will be that you can enjoy the foods you love and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everything we do is about balance. The key is having the knowledge.

Get your copy of Cheat Sheet for Good Eats and visit Do You Fitness online.


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