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Joe McKnight Shooter Arrested for Manslaughter

Ronald Gasser has been arrested.

After shooting former NFL and Canadian football player, Joe McKnight, during a road rage incident, authorities brought in Gassar for questioning, but later released him. But now, he has been arrested for manslaughter.

Authorities say, according to, that Gassar shot and killed McKnight on Dec. 1 in Terrytown—just outside of New Orleans. In the event the way Gasser shot McKnight, Sheriff Newell Normand said there is consideration of the “stand-your-ground” law. Hence, the law says a person doesn’t have to retreat from someone when the prospect of life-threatening harm appears imminent.

Normand said police officers have this same defense, too.

Many on social media have compared this case to the one of Cardell Hayes, who was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in April after shooting and killing former New Orleans Saints star, Will Smith, during a road rage incident. Hayes is black, and Gasser is white.

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