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Jay Saint is Committed to Making Love Work For Everyone

When you do what you love, there is no limit to the places you can go and the boundaries you are bound to break. Singer/Songwriter Jay Saint is making it very known that even though he is an openly gay man, he also knows and feels where all people are coming from when it comes to love. From working with Fergie, Day 26 and the lovely ladies of Danity Kane, it’s no secret that being with Bad Boy has pushed him and prepared him for the levels he is highly reaching.

Being a writer, I’m sure it can be challenging at times. Everyone has their ways of getting over it. How do you overcome writing challenges such as writer’s block?

Writer’s block happens way too often, you’re right about that. For me, it’s because I have so many things that I do outside of writing and my mind can go whichever way. I try different ways to settle myself down so that I can write, but my main thing I go to is watching movies. I would watch a movie and it would inspire a situation I went through. So, nine times out of ten, I’m watching movies to draw inspiration. I also meditate so that I can clear my mind. I started this two years ago and it helps me. I put my phone on airplane mode and listen to sounds like water soothing types of music. Most of the time have a direction I can go but lyrically I don’t know what points I want to hit. It’s so easy to just write something and be cliché, so I use these ways to get focused and really put out great content.

Now I have to tell you before we get into your LP, I loved Danity Kane! Especially the Welcome to the Dollhouse album. Tell me what you gained while helping write for that album and for Bad Boy.

One of the major lessons that I learned actually doesn’t have to do with writing, its understanding the business and how the songwriting business works. In the beginning, I wrote a lot of stuff such as bits and pieces of Fergie’s “London Bridges” album, and Day 26’s album. However, because I was paid under the table, I didn’t understand the logistics of how to make money residually. Once I was with the company for a longer period, and it came time for Danity Kane’s 2nd album, I had all my paperwork, knowledge and affairs in order to get paid the correct and consistent way. It’s crazy because when you’re young and fresh in the business, you can really get taken advantage of. From there, that’s how I grew not only as an artist but also as someone who was just simply in the music business. I also really learned how to write for others and not for myself. I had to learn how to change my voice and put myself in the shoes and voice of someone else.

Your LP ExCommitted speaks on all love no matter the orientation. As an openly gay male, why did you feel it was important to let your voice be the voice that brings all love together?

Wow! I love the way you put that (laughs). This is how I want my body of work to come across. That’s my intentions, to make my work very neutral. What I am talking about are things that everyone is going through. I felt like it was important because I wanted to be authentic this time around. Early in the business, it was something I hid and when I spoke in my music, I came from a place of a man speaking to a woman. I was very confused. I wanted to make sure that aspect of what I was saying this time around spoke to everyone while also staying true to myself and my sexuality. I don’t want my music to define a certain sexuality. I want my core fans to really understand who I am and that I’m bigger than targeting a certain audience. I want all people to know I go through the same stuff just like you do.

What’s your favorite song on your LP and why?

My favorite song is “Runaway”. It was a different song last month (laughs). But definitely “Runaway” because I really connect with that song and it speaks of new love from a place of a person that is afraid. I understand that people are afraid because they’ve been hurt before but it’s okay. It’s okay because this is it for the both of us. We’ve both been through things, we’ve both been hurt, but we can grow together and learn together. The time for us is right now, so don’t runway from this situation because you’re scared. Just talking about it now gives me goosebumps. I connected so much with this song because I’ve been through this. People have run away from me when things were going well, and I’d be like “what did I do”.

Congrats on your upcoming headline. With your big performance coming up at SOBs in NYC, as an artist what techniques do you use to prepare for a show?

Well, right now because I’m in my set where I sing and dance, I’m going through a lot of cardio training at this moment to build my stamina. Closer to the show, I work with my dancers. I go through a lot of preparation because I can’t be messing up. So, for the next 5 weeks, I’ll be in my zone and I don’t need any distractions (laughs). Make sure to follow Jay Saint on Instagram and check out his latest album below.


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