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Is your underwear killing your workout?

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to worry about how your clothes impact your performance. The truth is, every piece of clothing affects a workout, whether a light jog or a high-octane CrossFit session. Here’s how your underwear can hurt your workout – and what you can do about it.

Painful Chafing

If you’re in too much pain to continue, that’s a huge problem, and that can happen when chafing gets bad enough. That’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to the cut of your underwear. A runner with thicker thighs may need extra leg length. A yogi might do well to look into jock options. The key is to look at both your body type and the specific workout.

Sweating and Overheating

Cotton underwear is infamous for causing sweat. Obviously Apparel’s MicroModal/Lycra blend is famously breathable and moisture-wicking, minimizing sweat and keeping your crotch cool and comfortable. That way, you can stay focused on getting those reps in.

Constant Adjusting

It may seem like the briefs are made for workouts. They have a pouch, right? But a pouch for who, a Ken doll? The general shape means you’re making adjustments, which throws off your rhythm and slows you down. That’s where Obviously Apparel’s proprietary anatomical pouch comes into play, eliminating adjustments entirely.

Zero Flexibility

You want underwear that moves with you, not the kind that resists your movements. That’s why cotton briefs don’t cut it, and boxers are downright unacceptable. Obviously Apparel’s custom 4-way stretch fabric keeps everything in place – no matter what directions your legs are going.

Lack of Security

What’s worse? A waistband that slips and slides, or a waistband that cuts off circulation and digs into your skin? We think it’s a tie – they’re both awful. That’s why Obviously Apparel designed our silky-smooth waistband to stay in place without constriction, the perfect combination. No more plumber’s crack, and no more cracked skin.


You’re likely working out to be less self-conscious. Ever hear of crotch rot? Well, you’ve definitely smelled it, and it’s as gross as it sounds. The natural antibacterial qualities of Obviously Apparel underwear means smelly junk is a thing of the past.

General Discomfort

All the above aside, you feel more motivated when you’re comfortable and confident. The MicroModal/Lycra blend of Obviously Apparel’s PrimeMan Underwear is the softest, lightest material you’ve ever felt. It makes cotton feel like sandpaper in comparison. You’ll be feeling so good, you’ll wonder if you just turned into Usain Bolt on steroids.

Model: Amir Moris


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