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Introducing Fashion Editor Mickey Boooom


Mickey Boooom was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His instinctual creative flair has had very early beginnings and there’s no ending in sight. The juxtaposition of growing up in a rough environment, coupled with his attention commanding personal style, created some internal turmoil early on. Though well-liked, the frustration of feeling like he didn’t belong gave birth to his need to make the world more beautiful, which is as strong as his need to breathe air.

There are many facets to his sartorial expertise, however, for the past three years he has primarily been a wardrobe stylist for men and women who are in search of an innovative intervention, as he playfully calls it. Spearheading visual schematics for models, artists and other intriguing people enables him to convey his view of the way the world should be, could be, or would be, without burdening viewers and clients with the weight of reality.

Mickey Boooom is heavily inspired by history, but driven by the future. Growing up, he has always been inspired by 1990s fashion, movies, and musicans like Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and the late The Notorious BIG. He was also inspired by post-war fashion movements. His favorite fashion designers are ones that embodied the Belle Epoque we call “the 90’s” like Gianni Versace, John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier.

While most of his time is spent in New York City, he does make time for traveling. Being an avid traveler, Mickey Booom has traveled around the world and has experienced many different cultures. “There is always an air of obscurity when I refer to anything that might inspire me” He says. This allows him to easily incorporate fresh new ideas into his work.

He uses various social outlets online to display some of his work while interacting with other creative people. You can find him on Instagram @Mickeybooom and VFiles.

As the Fashion Editor of The Quintessential Gentleman he will keep you up to date with the new and up-and-coming fashion trends, fashion shows, fashion events, fashion styling, history, shopping, and other exciting fashion news.

His Styled By Mickey page will serve as a heavy influence on men’s fashion, assistance helping to give a name to up-and-coming fashionistos as well as bringing retired fashionistos back to life. Each and every Friday, we will have our very own, Quintessential Friday, which is a new platform on our blog. Quintessential Friday was not only created to help promote people who are in the Fashion & Entertainment industry but it was ultimately created to showcase and highlight artists, entrepreneurs, and acts whom we feel are exceptional in their respective areas of the industry.

Make sure you stay current on everything Fashion with Mickey Boooom!

The Quintessential Gentleman


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