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Ichiro Suzuki is Amazing

Ichiro Suzuki is turning 44 this year. While he has started to appear in fewer games and have fewer plate appearances, he is still making the most of them for the Miami Marlins. He hit .291 last year, playing as a platoon outfielder in 143 games.

Last year Ichiro’s name was popping up in the news, as his hit total from his career in Major League Baseball and the Nippon Professional Baseball league passed Pete Rose’s 4,256 hits in the MLB. While Pete Rose still holds the record, it is an interesting debate to compare the two hitters.

Ichiro has had 10 straight over 200 hit season, is the hits in a single season record holder and got to the milestone next to Pete Rose in around 1500 fewer plate appearances. To rebuttal for Pete Rose, he holds the actual record.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the Japanese star. The Miami Herald asked him what will happen the day it comes for Ichiro to finally retire. His response? “I think I’ll just die.”


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