How To Replace Your Old Showerhead With A Luxury One

Installing, or replacing a shower head is a simple task, it is almost effortless and takes only minutes to do. People often hire plumbers which results in an additional cost, but that’s not really mandatory. By only using a few tools, you can enrich and improve the aesthetics of your bathroom, and you can replace your old ugly shower head with a new luxurious shower head in just a few minutes.

To do this, you need to follow five simple steps:

1. Organize your work area

Placing something on the surface of the tub to store the essentials is wise, which prevents the porcelain or fiberglass surface from being scratched because you don’t want to cause any damage while adding something new to your bathroom.

Therefore, the adapter kit includes a diverter device that attaches to the shower stem and points the water in two different directions. In addition, this will allow you to use two showerheads from a single water source.

2. Remove the old showerhead

Using adjustable pliers, you’ll be able to remove the current showerhead, while afterward, wrapping the jaws of the pliers with tape to prevent them from marring to chrome is wise. In addition, to remove any old plumber’s Teflon tape left on the threads of the shower steam, you’ll have to use a rag. After removing the old showerhead, make sure to attach the diverter. According to the instructions that come with the kit, you’ll also be obliged to place the supplied washer in the neck of the diverter, which is really important.

3. Apply Teflon Tape.

In order to help prevent water leakage, try applying some Teflon tape to the threads of the shower stem, while when applying it, wrap it in the same direction that the fixture will be tightened. In case the tape is wrapped in the opposite direction, it may not hold when the fixture is installed on the threads, which will result in water leakage.

4. Attach the Diverter

After applying the included Teflon tape, grab and attach the diverter to the shower stem, which requires only hand tightening. However, make sure you avoid over-tightening the unit because it is not necessary. After making sure that the appropriate washer is installed in the neck of the fixed shower head, attach the head carefully to one neck of the diverter, and then tighten it down, and you’ll be all set with the showerhead, however, there is one more step.