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How to Pack the Ultimate Weekender Bag

Travel season is finally upon us which it means it’s about that time to pull out your trusty weekender bag and hit the road. But before you can jet off, you need to figure out how to back your bag and what items you’ll absolutely need, no matter where you’re headed or what you plan on doing. Rather than waiting until the absolute last minute to pack your bag, get a head start with these genius tips so you can simply grab your bag and go when the moment calls. We’ll give you the rundown on the things you need to ensure you have the best weekend ever, every single time!

Step 1: The clothes

Even if you’re not the most dedicated to fashion, your selection of clothing serves the most important part of your weekend getaway (unless you’re going to a nudist retreat!). Before diving into your wardrobe, be sure to consider the following:

  1. What kind of climate can you expect from your destination?

  2. How many days will you need clothing for?

  3. What kind of weather should you anticipate?

  4. What activities do you plan on doing?

With these questions at the forefront of your mind, you’ll be better prepared to dress appropriately for the weekend. Rather than blindly packing your favorite jeans and tees, make sure those signature pieces will fare the snowy mountaintops or tropical cabanas.

We recommend packing the following for a 3-day weekend:

  1. Four casual shirts (button-down or t-shirts)

  2. Three pairs of bottoms

  3. 3 pairs of underwear and socks

  4. Swimwear (if necessary)

  5. One sweater or jacket

Step 2: The shoes

Packing more than two pairs of shoes for a weekend getaway only works to make your bag heavier. Try to keep your shoe count as low as possible (and don’t forget to count the shoes you’ll leave in!). Versatility reigns supreme when it comes to footwear. Whether you’re sightseeing by foot, spending time with family, or relaxing by the beach, you’ll want to make sure your soles survive your schedule.

Packing the proper shoes means taking into consideration the activities you plan on participating in over the weekend. Be sure to run through your weekend’s schedule before deciding on your perfect getaway shoes.

Consider the following shoe types for supreme versatility:

  1. Slip-on shoes

  2. Lace-up trainers

  3. Casual oxfords

  4. Comfortable, supportive sandals

Step 3: The toiletries

Keeping up with your personal hygiene means taking your home routine on the go. Whether you have an extensive morning and night routine or a simple one, your weekender bag should be equipped with the following essentials to keep you feeling fresh no matter how far from your home bathroom you are.

  1. Body wash

  2. Deodorant

  3. Shampoo

  4. Toothpaste

  5. Face cleanser

Step 4: The technology

Where would you be without your modern technology keeping you connected to your network of friends, family, and colleagues? Even if you’re leaving your laptop at home and escaping from the shackles of your 9-5 work duties, you’ll likely bring your smartphone or tablet along with you for communication and entertainment purposes. Don’t forget these must-haves as you pack:

  1. Charger cubes

  2. Charging cables

  3. External battery pack

  4. Soft sleeve for a tablet (to prevent any friction or crushing damage)

Step 5: The accessories

Accessories may seem like superfluous items that don’t necessarily have space in your weekend bag but hear us out. You dish out good money to pay for your favorite pair of men’s sunglasses and smartwatch, and they’re both fashionable and functional items that serve more than simple aesthetic purposes. Bring the following to accessories for good measure:

  1. A hat

  2. A watch

  3. A wallet

  4. A satchel or handbag

  5. A pair of sunglasses

Step 7: Making it all fit

Last but certainly not least: the art of cramming it all in. Ask any packing extraordinaire and they’ll tell you to roll your clothes instead of folding them. Though it may not immediately seem like it’ll make much of a difference, rolling your clothing saves valuable space. It also minimizes the chances of your clothing catching any unsightly wrinkles in transit.

We recommend arranging your bag by putting bulkier items like jeans, jackets, and towels at the bottom of your bag. Packing can be a headache— trust us, we hear you! But with these clever tips and tricks, you’ll be heading into your weekend getaway without breaking a sweat! Did we miss anything? What are your 3-day weekend must-haves? Let us know in the comments below.