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How to Make a Comfortable Bed Without a Mattress

Perhaps you are having a guest over, and you don’t have an extra bed for them to stay in, or you want to create your personal reading nook with a day bed. Believe it or not, that plan doesn’t have to involve buying a mattress. It is very easy to come up with a comfortable bed that is minimalistic and won’t take up too much space in your home.

If you are wondering how to make a comfortable bed without a mattress, there are a couple of options for you to try like arranging floor cushions or a bed on floor, hammock, air bed, layer up the blankets, etc. They are creative, fun, and will refresh your room decor right away.

Arranging floor cushions

If you want to add a touch of boho style to your room, Moroccan floor cushions might be what you need. They come in various size and shapes so you can arrange them in order to create a comfortable bed without a mattress.

They are also very low to the ground so you can use Moroccan floor cushions as a seating solution too. You can get these cushions in different colors and patterns which can complement your current room decor. Moroccan floor cushions will make your space look effortlessly chic, which is always a plus.

A floor bed

A floor bed can be an elegant and affordable option for your bedroom. If you are exploring minimalism, this is the sleeping solution you simply need to try. Getting rid of a huge bed frame and tall mattress will give you more space to work with, and your bedroom will still look very contemporary.

You can make a floor bed with just a simple futon. High-quality ones are usually dense and will give your body the support it needs. Your sleeping space will become cozier and calmer if you put your bed directly to the floor, according to Popsugar.

How about a hammock?

This might be the most unconventional idea so far, but many people love sleeping in hammocks. And they are not made for the outdoor use only! Placing a hammock inside of your house will show off your quirky style and make a room more playful.

According to Critical Cactus, hammocks are great for sleeping because they are comfortable, will adjust to your body without unnecessary pressure, and you will be well-rested in the morning. Just make sure you are securing your hammock to sturdy walls in order to avoid any accidents.

Try out an air bed

Air beds are not just for your camping adventures. They can actually serve as a great mattress substitute in your home! And they are not super expensive either. Find a wider air bed and decorate it with comfortable blankets and pillows. You won’t even notice that you are not sleeping on a mattress.

So if you are dealing with a small apartment and you want to make the best of the space available, an air bed can come in handy. You can store it anywhere when it is not in use, so it is very convenient if you have guests staying at your place overnight.

Layer it up

You probably have a few blankets around your home that are currently not in use. Why don’t you layer them up on the floor and create a comfortable bed without a mattress? It can be used as a place for you to lounge, read a book, or simply relax. This makeshift bed can look incredibly charming as well!

Since you will be using the blankets, you can adjust the length of the bed to fit the space you have available. Adding a couple of details like colorful or textured pillows can increase the appeal of your new bed. So experiment a bit to discover what works with the rest of your decor!

A final word

As you can see, it is certainly not complicated to make a comfortable bed without a mattress. All it takes is a bit of imagination and creativity. Therefore, a mattress is not obligatory if you want to get enough quality sleep every night. Also, floor beds are very popular right now, and adding one is a stylish way to revamp your bedroom.


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