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How to Keep the Romance Alive in Your Relationship

Being in a long-term relationship is a wonderful thing, especially when changes in online dating trends seem to be moving farther and farther away from serious relationships, but there can be times that it’s less than perfect. If the connection between you and your partner has simmered a bit, that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel.

Instead, dedicate the time to work on anything that might be affecting your relationship, make the effort to remind your partner that you care, and find ways to freshen up the dynamic between you two.

Whether the honeymoon phase has just recently worn off or you and your partner have been in a rut for months, making a little effort can help you revive your relationship.

Surprise them with a Romantic Gesture

It can be easy to slide into a comfort zone and feel confident enough in your relationship that you don’t need to send constant reminders you care. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but small romantic gestures can go a long way. It could be as simple as dropping off their favorite lunch on a busy day, offering to run their errands so he can sleep in, or even ordering the very best flower delivery in town for a surprise that says it all. You shouldn’t need a holiday to do something nice for your significant other but make sure you always don’t pass up those opportunities. You’d be surprised how far giving her the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can go. 

Plan Date Night

If you’ve both been too busy to spend quality time together, you might have to make some extra effort. While it might seem like the opposite of romantic, purposefully cutting-out time in your busy schedule for one another is important to reignite the flame. People are creatures of habit so even though it might seem awkward that you actually have to schedule your dates like a meeting, sooner or later things will fall naturally into place and it will be a normal part of your routine – no planners involved.

While going to your favorite restaurant for dinner and drinks can be romantic, that can get stale. Instead of going to dinner every week, come up with a list of activities you can do together. Classic date ideas like mini-golf and bowling are a great start since they foster friendly competition but are slow-paced enough to give you time to enjoy each other’s company as well.

Make Time for Yourselves

Some couples have the opposite problem, especially if they live together. If you spend so much time together that you feel like you never have time alone, it can begin to eat away at the foundation of your relationship, appreciating one another. A good way to alleviate this tension is to take a moment to refocus on being your own people. Rededicate yourself to working out, find a new hobby, or commit to spending more time with friends. Like everything in life, it’s all about balance.

Go on Vacation

The monotony of our day-to-day lives can have an impact on our relationships. Escape the stress and responsibilities by going on a vacation together. What’s more fun than going somewhere new? Doing it with someone you love. This is a great opportunity for you to have some fun together, just the two of you. It doesn’t have to blow your savings either, look for good travel deals.

Just planning the trip can help spark some fresh excitement between you two. You’ll get to bond while researching the best restaurants, things to do, and areas to explore while flushing out the details for your upcoming trip. Once you get there, allow yourselves to get swept up in the romance and treat yourselves a little.

Work on Your Physical Relationship

Your physical connection with your partner is just as important as your emotional connection. While being physical might seem like the easy part of the relationship, that isn’t always the case for couples in long-term relationships. There are many ways to improve your physical relationship with your partner, like using sex toys or trying new positions. It might be uncomfortable to approach the subject, nobody wants to feel insecure, but breaking down that barrier and acknowledging what’s lacking in your relationship can make you both happier in the long-run.

If you choose to use these ideas as a romance rekindling playbook that’s great but don’t forget to add your own personalized twist. After all, nobody knows your partner better than you. However you choose to break out of a relationship lull, go into it with good intentions and determination, your partner is sure to appreciate (and reciprocate!) your efforts.


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