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How To Build A Mountain Climbing Wall

If you are a mountain climbing aficionado, and you want to improve your climbing skills, it is a good idea to use a mountain climbing wall. A mountain climbing wall is a great way to practice your climbing skills, in a safe and measured environment.

Most mountain climbing walls are usually found in gyms or recreational centers. However, if you want to practice your mountain climbing more often, you should build your own mountain climbing wall. Here are tips on how to build one of your own.

Find A Good Location For The Wall

Before you start building your mountain climbing wall it is important that you find a good location for it. Remember that your mountain climbing wall will be very tall and wide. So before you set out and invest any money into the project, you should choose a location. It is very important that you choose a good location, because mountain climbing walls are very big, and it is difficult to move them around.

Choose A Realistic Height

When it comes to building a mountain climbing wall, it is imperative that you choose a realistic height for it. Take the time to measure your home and your yard. If you are going to put it in your yard, then you could make it quite high.

However, if you are going to place it in your barn or a warehouse, then you will have to be realistic with your height. Aside from the area that you will place your mountain climbing wall, it is also important that you don’t overdo it with the height. While it is ok to have it. As high as 20 to 30 feet, anything higher than that might be overkill. Not to mention it would cost a fortune to make.

Invest In Good Quality Hand Grips

If you want your mountain climbing wall to be safe, it is important that you invest in quality hand grips. The handgrips must be rough enough to give you a good grip and made of a material that does not get slippery, even if it gets wet.

You could purchase hand grips from a lot of stores, however, if you want your hand grips to match all your wall climbing needs, it is a good idea to have them customized instead.

Companies such as Immould specialize in insert molding parts. They could create molds for your handgrips, and use the designs and the type of material that you would want to use. By having your hand grips customized, you could choose what type of shapes they should be, and what materials they are made of.

It might seem a bit extensive to have your hand grips customized, however, you should remember that handgrips are extremely important in mountain climbing. They not only help you grip properly, but they will also develop your strength.

Make Sure The Wall Is Stable

When you erect your wall, it is important that you make it as stable as possible. Remember that you will be climbing onto the wall. This means that you will be putting all of your weight onto the wall.

If your mountain climbing wall is not stable enough, it might collapse on top of you. As a rule, you should fasten the wall to the floor or a pre-existing wall. It would be a good idea to have its foundation buried and bolted to concrete to ensure that the wall does not sway.

If you want to learn how to stabilize large structures, it is a good idea to check guyabouthome. It is a website that specializes in home repair and design. They also give advice on basic electrical installation and carpentry. You will definitely find something useful on the site.

Install Lights All Over The Wall

If you want to use your wall during the evening time, it is important that you install lights all over the wall. The lights should not be too bright though, because it might distract you as you are climbing. When it comes to lighting, it is usually better to use neon lights to light up the edges of your wall.

By using neon lights, you will be able to lessen the potential glare that comes from your lighting. By using neon lights, you will not only illuminate your mountain climbing wall, but you will also beautify it.

Place Hooks To Fasten Your Safety Lines

One of the most important aspects of building your own private climbing wall is safety. As a rule, it is important that you place hooks where you could fasten your safety lines. The hooks should be firmly fastened to the walls and more than capable of holding up your weight.

Remember that your safety lines are your lifeline, if your hooks are easy to dislodge, then you will be putting yourself in a great deal of danger.

Put Safety Mats Under The Mountain Climbing Wall

Just in case your safety lines do snap, and you fall onto the floor, it is important that you are prepared. Make it a priority to place safety mats under the mountain climbing wall.

This will provide you with a softer surface than the ground to fall on. When you choose your safety mats, you should choose the ones that are thick and could provide you with enough layers to soften any fall.

It is also important that you attach the mats firmly to the floor. It would be pointless to have safety mats under the mountain climbing wall, only to have them move because they were not fastened properly.

When it comes to building a mountain climbing wall, it is important that you take your time, and make sure your equipment is of the best quality possible. With these tips, you’ll be able to build a mountain climbing wall of your very own.

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