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How to Become an App Developer?

Informational technologies advancement has changed the way most people envision their professional development and success. Now that working in an IT area has become extremely prestigious and highly paid, each ambitious and brainy individual is striving to be enrolled in some super-cool mobile and web development company as a developer.

Do you think you belong to the category of young and talented people deserving to be called “founders of mobile future”? Do you solemnly aspire to become one of the successful geeky prodigies letting the modern information world revolve faster with their neoteric awe-inspiring apps? Do you want to become so successful you can work for a company like these San Diego Mobile app Developers?

We bet you do. Who wouldn’t want to be a mobile app developer!?! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking for professional tips and suggestions on how to become an app developer we have listed below.

On the way of learning how to develop cool apps

1. Gaining a degree in computer science – This option is definitely not a must for being a great app developer. But it can still be a big advantage for IT specialized education gives you the basic knowledge of what you will work with and brings you much closer to the understanding of the core essence of mobile development. Nevertheless, there’s a far greater chance you’ll get hired if you have at least a bachelor’s degree in this field as it more or less demonstrates your proficiency and competence. But with this being said, there are people out there who have done an extensive amount of research (in their own time) in relation to app development and have gone on to get the job of their dreams in this field. Looking into something like application development with Salesforce will give you an insight into the idea of application development tools in relation to businesses.

2. Choose a platform – There are several major and most powerful platforms such as Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry, etc. You are supposed to pick the one you like most and are familiar with most profoundly. Each of the platforms has its distinctive features as well as pros and cons that determine their functionality and convenience for the users.

3. Online tutorials – The incredibly popular platforms mentioned above give you an opportunity to study mobile development basics through online studying programs. These programs allow you to learn and practice coding as well as improve the management of mobile development processes at home.

4. Try to develop your own app – You should have a large practice of developing apps if you’re planning to be hired for the position of an app developer. Thus, you won’t get embarrassed after being asked to provide some of your works at a job interview and will instead eagerly show off your coolest apps to your HR. Remember, practice makes perfect.

5. Make your apps valuable – Needless to say, the ultimate aim of app development is making money. This can only be attained due to a large number of users who value simplicity the most among any other bright elements your app can possibly have.

Consequently, your app has to be easy to use and user-friendly. One of the many very useful tips: take up as much screen as you can and make your buttons large.

6. Build a team – If you are buried head to toes in the exhausting work process and feel that it’s starting to suck you dry, hire someone to help you out.

7. Test your apps for bugs – Apps normally have bugs that could be easily detected while testing. Detected bugs help you detect malfunctions in your app’s performance and subsequently, fix them. You can also have your friends test the app in order to get even more fallacies noticed in terms of other regular users.

8. Develop your app for other OS – By developing a cross-platform app, you increase the chance of more users seeing it and most likely, purchasing.

It’s important to take into account that each platform has its peculiar features. And operating systems support different devices that have various screen sizes, etc. So you have to adapt the visual elements of your app. Unless you want the users to blow a fuse after trying to deal with the sizes gap and take a guess how to use the app. The following may result that the users will delete the app as soon as they open it

9. Internship as a tool to get more experience – This is a great opportunity to gain experience while studying. Today lots of the biggest IT companies all around offer exclusive internship programs for app developers. Internships also allow you to make money providing you do your work really well and show high motivation, and a strong desire to learn.

In a nutshell

Besides profound knowledge and skills, succeeding in app development takes much of your personal determination, self-esteem, and aspiration. Once you have set yourself in motion towards becoming a thriving app developer, you have to get the mission accomplished lest giving up on all this should make you feel shattered.

The useful tips and recommendations we provided here have been constantly tested by a great number of app development beginners and proven to be very effective in learning how to develop high-quality apps fast.

Written by Helen Morrice, a technical writer at IDAP Group, a web and mobile app development company located in Ukraine. Creativity and thinking outside the box have helped Helen to achieve considerable success in copywriting. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Jony Claber
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