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Holiday Style: Powered by East Dane

Remember when you were younger and your mother hand-picked your attire to ensure that you looked your best for the family holiday gatherings and especially church? Not to mention if she were to take you around her work friends. Why as a child were we made to be put on such a display? While regardless of the total embarrassment, I think the vitality of it all is to subconsciously establish a notion of understanding. That no matter where we go in life, your outward appearance should speak to who you are as an individual. And for me, I am someone who commands a room, who walk with my head held high and speak confidently. My wardrobe should reflect those attributes.

This holiday season we invite you to explore retailer East Dane to find items that say exactly who you are. 

Here are a few pieces that say what you see is the man that I am and I have style:

Billy Reid Bond Wool Blend Peacoat $695.00

Albam Utility Cord Jacket $325.00

Sunspel Long Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt $155.00

Paul Smith Pleated Front Trousers $495.00

Converse Chuck Taylor Crafted Boots $120.00


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