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Heir PR Hosts their 35 Heirs Gala in Brooklyn

Last week, Heir PR hosted 35 Heirs Gala which is an Awards ceremony that honors their Heir’s List influencers and unveiled their 35 Heirs for 2016.

The Heir’s List was established by Publicist & Founder of Heir PR, Sherod Lewis; recognizing those who redefine what it means to be HEIR, by courageously breaking down barriers to enrich the lives of others, all while preparing your seat on the throne. This list was created to provide access to people of color, from ages 18 to 35 (35 Under 35), who may be underrepresented due to the societal standards of excellence and achievement. Sherod wanted to shed light on those who so greatly deserve all the recognition, and to provide a platform where opportunities can be maximized for those persons and their gifts. This list is For US, By Us! 

Please see the list of Heir’s Influencers below.

Andre L. Perry, Kells Barnett, Mr. Refined, Olushola Bashuron, Camp Ryan, Thomas C. Knox, Jonathan Jackson, Davis Northern, Amir Figueroa

Ayana Gibbs, Alisha Tatham, Alize Beal, Rhonesha Byng, Chivon John, Asha Boston, Shaleah Sutton, Bea Arthur, Safia Bartholomew

Igee Okafor, Tonya Rapley, Jame Jackson, Corrine Cuttino, Jessica Fraser, Richard Scott Brookshire, Andrew Shade

Reuben Reuel, Troi Anthoni, Alejandro Garcia, Anthony Mcdowell, Malyia McNaughton, Khalid Mosley, Mickey Freeman

Vin Keatin, Fabienne Roc, Qiana Parks, Leroy Benros, Lea Robinson, Lord Byron B., Scienze

Kris Campbell, Deborah Ayorinde, Christen Rochon, Desiree Hadley, Elijah Booth, Reggie Lochard, Tracy G.

Cece McDonald, Lydia Avila, Preston Mitchum, Jamal T. Lewis, Timothy Duwhite

Melissa Phillips, Garry Mitchell, Candace Moses, Gary McCrear, Destiny Woodbury

To learn more about the 35 Heirs and Heir PR click here.

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