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HeartBeats and Hip Hop hosts The State of Black Health

A few days ago, Atlanta had the opportunity to be apart of a panel that dug deep into the discussion of Health in the African-American community. The panel discussion was hosted by HeartBeats and Hip Hop Founder Dr. Khaalisha Ajala MD. Panelist included Julian Adams Birt (President of The Black Atlanta Medical Association), Dymetra Pernell (Vegan Chef) and Dr Jeremy Nelson (Emergency Medicine).

Heartbeats and Hip Hop

One of the main topics was the fact that most people are afraid to seek care because they are ashamed to admit they have issues. Once people get beyond that thought and seek medical attention, people will find there are tools to help improve and live a better life.

Another important issue that people are afraid to seek help with is Mental Health. This health issue has actually taken the lives of many of our most noted celebrities and people in our everyday lives. We all have to be accountable for not only ourselves but should also pay close attention to our families and friends who may have this illness.

Heartbeats and Hip Hop

Other topics that were touched on during the course of the evening included diet which comes from our ancestors who were sharecroppers and slaves. They ate what was available and most times it wasn’t the healthiest and these recipes were passed down. Most diets could be changed if we learn to eat in moderation and learn to eat more fresh vegetables. The panel also encouraged everyone to get out and speak to city officials about approving ordinances that will allow neighborhoods to grow more fresh vegetables. It’s important to use hiphop to inspire change for issues like; gun violence, healthcare changes under the Trump Administration, HIV/AIDS epidemic in Atlanta, Georgia.

Heartbeats and Hip Hop

HeartBeats and HipHop, Inc. was created on December 2013. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that seeks to erase health disparities in urban communities by using the culture of hip-hop. We at HeartBeats and HipHop, Inc. are a group of like-minded medical professionals, artists, and hip-hop connoisseurs. We seek creative ways to serve and educate our community that keeps our youth engaged and interested in taking control of their health. HipHop is a global language understood and adored by many. Why not use it to influence healthy behavior?

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