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Healthy Eating For Men


Nutritional needs vary based on your size, sex, age and activity levels. The daily amounts to maintain a healthy, balanced diet help in losing weight. Men, typically require more nutrients with the omission of salt and fiber.

Daily Healthy Guideline for Men

Energy 2500 kcal, carbohydrates 300 g, salt 6 g, fibre 24 g, sugar 120 g, protein 55 g, saturates 30 g and fat 85 g. These are numbers relating to your weight, yet you may personalize your portions and settle for a right serving size.


  1. Take carbs such as rice/cereal/potato/pasta – in your clenched fist as the portion size

  2. Butter and spreads- thumb tip is the portion size

  3. Proteins such as poultry/meat/ fish- the portion size is your hand palm size

  4. Bakes such as flapjacks/brownies- 2 fingers is the portion size

  5. Savouries such as crisps/popcorn – cupped hands 2 is the portion size

For breakfast – Scrambled omelette toast is recommended.

Adding protein to your breakfast, regardless of whether you first start to the gym or the office is a must as it helps to rev your metabolism. Eggs are ideal as they offer quality fat and protein in good balance. Proteins in breakfast assist promoting repair and muscle recovery. The other protein and fat options are fish such as haddock or salmon, lean ham and dairy foods with low-fat. Protein foods stay for a longer time and so eating fewer calories is ensured for the rest of the day.


Eating breakfast in the morning is mandatory for balancing energy levels. Eat little and often is the idea, but ensure every snack works for you. Choosing snacks that satisfy your energy needs is essential.


Make lunch a mix of starch carbs and lean protein. Choose whole grains featuring high fiber. This may include whole wheat, rye and barley that also keep you satisfied for a longer time.

Opt for sandwich topped with lean pork or beef, salmon, turkey or chicken loaded with salad or toast and baked beans.


This can be a mix of savory foods such as seeds, spiced nuts and savory popcorn with low-fat cream cheese.


Ensure fiber rich foods as it helps relaxing in the evening. Combine with essential fats for repair and growth. Fill with several colors of vegetables or salad and brown rice a serving or whole meal pasta.

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