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Gym Clothes: What to Wear to Train

Every man has to take care of the look also at the time of training. The gym is not a place to parade, but it is not for that reason that one must stop looking for clothes.

Looking in the mirror is even more motivating!

Not to mention that, if you are single, the gym is also a place to take a peek here and there, covertly or explicitly. Just as you look at other people, chances are you have someone watching you! That you want to show off in the best possible way, right?

The gym is a place to relax but there is a lot of people who abuse their lack of caprice when dressing. They wear old, faded, untied clothing.

As gym clothes are just shorts, T-shirt, socks and sneakers, making good choices is no mystery for men's tracksuits. It is fundamental to opt for cool pieces, of quality brands.

It would be obvious to say that one should choose clothes that favor the movement and the amplitude of the movements, without risk of squeezing or tearing, because everyone dumb knows. Let's talk about style!

Tank top and t-shirt

You can opt for a tank top or short-sleeved shirt, depending on how comfortable you feel or whether the day is cold or hot. The current fitness fashion favors regattas with a wider and more comfortable model, leaving aside the pieces that are very close to the body. The race can also be fair if you are up to date. If you are very thin or overweight, avoid it.

Longer t-shirts, longer, are a very current option to use in the gym.

If you have your body up to date, avoid dressing in an exhibitionist way, wanting to attract attention. Avoid very tight pieces that will make your muscles explode.

Bermuda and shorts

At the gym, you should only wear gym clothes. It is clear? Surf shorts, just on the beach! Running shorts, short, with open sides, just for running. Gym shorts are knee length or just above.

The loose-fitting sweatshirt shorts are classics from the academy

Compression shorts help improve performance. But as they are very fair, it can be strange to go out revealing their forms to the world. A good idea is to use them under the shorts, a little shorter. It looks really cool!

Jogger style pants

It is those pants closed in the shin with elastic or zipper, with or without side pockets, usually made of sweatpants or synthetic fabric. The official names are joggers and track pants. It is part of sets with a jacket or sweatshirt or is sold separately.

Fashionable jogging pants are not too loose, like the old sweatpants, but more fitting to the legs. On cold days, it is a good idea to combine jogger pants with a sweatshirt or long-sleeved shirt, in cotton or dry-fit fabric.

The choice of fabric

Both the shirt and the shorts or shorts should preferably be made of natural cotton or technological fabric, type dry-fit, which absorb sweat. The 100% cotton fabric naturally absorbs perspiration but is soaked. The pieces in dry-fit fabrics contribute to the evaporation of sweat and, unlike cotton, are easy to wash and often do not need to be ironed.

The choice of colors

Sportswear brands are often quite eclectic; some offer very colorful clothes. If you don't want to get too hot when getting ready for training, the suggestion is to put together a selection of sports pieces in neutral colors, white, black and shades of gray, which are easy to combine.

Earthy colors, from light beige to brown, are also discreet and easy to combine options.

But if you like bright colors, there are many options for sportswear in neon, for example. Just pay attention to the color combinations, so it doesn't look like a rainbow. Combines the colored piece (be it shorts or T-shirt) with another in a neutral color.

Value your body type

No man should be embarrassed to be out of shape among the healed guys. It doesn't matter if you are overweight or very thin. The gym is where people seek health and well-being and not necessarily the perfect body. However, just as you opt for pieces that match your body type, pay attention to gym clothing to enhance your strengths or disguise your weaknesses.


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