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Group Activities for Old Friends Getting Together After a Long Break

When you’re pulling the boys together after long break, what are some group activities that make sense? This might depend on how you all know each other – growing up in the same area, going to the same college or former co-workers.

The best activities to do as a group will vary depending on the backgrounds and interests of the people coming together. Also, friends do evolve over time and their tastes and interest along with it. So, don’t make the mistake of assuming that they’re down for the same things they used to be. If you haven’t talked much in a while either, touch base first to feel out what they’re interested now.

Let’s dive right into some group activities that will inject some fun into this situation.

What’s Your Pleasure?

What you want to do is get everyone to relax in each other’s company before heading out on the town or for an organized activity. A shared drink sets the mood and gets everyone comfortable again.

You can learn how to make some distinctive bar drinks or stock a few six packs if that’s preferable to get things started right. Also, have some non-alcoholic options for the designated driver and other people firmly on the wagon since you met them last. 

Raise the Temperature Before Heading Out

Once you’re enjoyed a drink or two, why not combine it with some games that will bring people together and get people interacting more?

There’s nothing like a game of foosball to get the blood pumping as old rivals battle it out to the end!

The best foosball table usually has one or more reviews to recommend it but doesn’t have to cost the earth. Some brothers may not have played much, so give them some slack if they fail fast. There are some great designs for modern foosball tables now too, so you can get one that fits into your home’s décor perfectly.

To figure out the right model, you can visit the website Foosball Table Reviews who have them categorized by price and brand. If you’re not familiar with any brands, you can just choose one that fits in with your budget and style best. 

Pick a Group Activity Everyone Will Enjoy

There is no one right activity that works when going out. It can be an organized one like hitting the golf course, hitting up a couple of happening clubs that have opened in the area recently or shooting for an upmarket dining experience.

Alternatively, a weekend in Vegas hitting the town might be a great getaway if everyone is onboard. The important thing is to pick one or more activities that everyone will get a kick out of. No one should feel left out.

Either pick them yourself or give your friends the choice and see which ideas win out. Doing this avoids making some wrong choices and your buddies are mad at you! Also, if they want to go to a particular restaurant opening, knowing this in advance allows you to book early to secure a reservation for the group. Some of the best activities need to be pre-planned to lock them down.

When planning the meet up, it should lead to many more in the future. Then old friends won’t lose touch again which is great for everyone.