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Great Fire of London


Designer Todd Lynn is on fire! Lynn is at the forefront of London’s ever evolving fashion scene-and for all the right reasons. Amongst the vibrant color stories and ornate prints seen in many collections at London Fashion Week, Lynn assiduously creates elegant, yet slightly moody collections. 

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Lynn has been known to use female models for his menswear collections which showcases that his brand of androgyny never leans too far to either end of the spectrum. Lynn seems to understand the concept of masculine elegance, which is evident through the strong-shouldered jackets complete with draping sleeves seen coming down the runway of his spring 2016 collection. The garments somehow retain an elegance while completely exuding rock and roll. 


Lynn, a Central Saint Martin’s alum, actually got his start designing stage wardrobe for rock stars such as Bono, Marilyn Manson, and Mick Jagger. Since his first eponymous collection in 2006, Lynn has cemented his aesthetic in the world of entertainment. Lynn’s creations falls in sweet spot between masculine and feminine, macabre and optimistic. 

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Lynn’s futurist point of view is the benchmark of his brilliance. Todd Lynn is ahead of his time and on everybody’s must have list. Be on the look out for his spring 2017 menswear collection at London Fashion Week this Fall!

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