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Gen Z is Taking Over Behind the Wheel with Subcompact SUV Sales Booming

Yeah, they’re taking over but we already knew that, they’re the next generation. Technology is evolving everyday, and these vehicles like the all-new 2018 EcoSport is no different. This eco-friendly car is at the top of the list for young adults aged 18-to-24, including African American youth.

Gen Z drivers have discovered fast-growing subcompact SUVs are an affordable first-car option. For all the high school and college graduates this year, this may be just the answer to what you’ve been dreaming about. If it’s your first time purchasing a vehicle or young gents if you want to take your young lady in a fine vehicle, this is a great option to start off.

They are projecting subcompact SUV U.S. sales to surpass subcompact cars as early as 2019 after sales boomed in 2017. That year, 2,840 baby boomers ages 18-24 in the U.S. bought an SUV. The 2019 projection was assessed by Erich Merkle, Ford U.S. sales analyst. Ford’s analyst also said, “Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials – everybody wants their SUV, and Gen Z is no different. As more new small SUVs like the Ford Motor Company EcoSport become available, you’ll see the subcompact SUV segment continue to climb as a popular new car of choice for first-time buyers.”

Ford Ecosport is ringing in the siren for our millennials bringing in big competition. This eco-friendly Ford option reached North American showrooms earlier this year as the newest entry in the field. It’s one of the nine vehicles in the fast-growing subcompact SUV space. Fuel-efficient with cargo space, all a young driver may be on the market for is what you’ll get here. They’re typically available starting under $20,000.

A suburban Baltimore college student, Kelly Oswald, represents the Gen Z age bracket, and found her luxury in this affordable option. “I’d never heard of EcoSport, but I loved it the minute I saw it. I went in looking to buy a used car. I didn’t expect there to be an affordable option to buy a new car.” Oswald, 19, is one of the first EcoSport owners in the U.S.

Subcompact SUV designers and engineers are doing all possible to meet the expectations of these Gen Z drivers with features they’ll love. Most of them all are equipped with in-vehicle Wi-Fi, multiple charging ports and smartphone app-compatible entertainment systems. Karen Sullivan, Ford EcoSport brand marketing manager said, “To Gen Z buyers, connectivity is everything. Their car serves as an extension of their phone and their home, and we’re seeing an exciting response from these young customers to our all-new EcoSport.”

Check out Ford’s Ecosport here.


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