Game Of Thrones Preview: “The Dragon and The Wolf”

We are just a few hours away from the Season Seven finale of Game of Thrones. The Dragon and The Wolf will be the longest episode to date coming in at 79 minutes and 43 seconds. We may presume that every moment will be thrilling and terrifying and hopefully give viewers some closure. Closure on what? That’s up to the show, but here are some things that may happen in the final episode.

And for one final time…

This Week in Westeros…….

Having trouble seeing through all the rumors and fan theories? Just want the final episode to come and never end? Tough luck, but make the most of every second.

We’re finally out of the Snow(not Jon), and heading back to Westeros. At some point, we’ll finally have the three Main Characters all in one location, and the tension couldn’t possibly be higher. Speculation suggests that Dany will nonchalantly ride in on a Dragon just because she is *Insert 30 minutes of titles*.

The Main Event:

The meeting between the Targaryens(Jon included) and Lannisters will be one of the most intense power struggles we’ve seen on the show. Cersei and Dany not willing to budge an inch and likely some remarks on who’s winning the war that disturb the other. Jon, more than likely close to selling all of the North to the Lannisters just because he’s seen the Night King.