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Five Iron Golf Launches Franchising Program

A nation-leading urban golf experience is opening new avenues for expansion and growth both domestically and internationally.

Five Iron Golf

Five Iron Golf will unveil its franchising program. The six-year-old company will offer opportunities for both single-unit and multi-unit development. As of right now, Five Iron Golf has owned as well as operated all 18 of its US locations across 11 cities, according to a press release.

“Independent data supports our position that the future is very bright for modern, non-traditional golf experiences,” Jared Solomon, CEO and co-founder of Five Iron Golf, said.

According to the National Golf Foundation, for the first time, more Americans are playing ‘off-course’ golf than playing on green grass. This shift in consumer behavior mirrors our growth strategy, as we’ve opened eight locations since the start of 2022 with five more coming online later this year.”

The expansion to a franchise program by Fire Iron Golf is rooted in data, with early signs of success “at its two current international sites: Singapore and New Delhi, India," which is opening this summer.

“Moving forward, our franchise program will serve as an accelerant for additional growth, so we can keep pace with increased consumer demand,” Solomon added. “As operators ourselves, we have experienced and perfected all aspects of the business, from build outs to programming and service. We’re excited to attract franchisees who, like our team, are passionate about the game of golf and eager to increase its approachability and accessibility.”

A key to Five Iron Golf is brand versatility, which makes it appealing to diverse audiences of avid golfers - and entertainment seekers. Since 2017, the opening of its flagship location was apparent, the Fire Iron Golf has been recognized as a leader in the “Modern Golf” movement as it seeks to make the game even more inclusive as well as accessible.

Not only does the company value inclusiveness, but it also has a track record of operational excellence. All Five iron Golf facilities highlight world-class tech, such as TrackMan Golf simulators, which is Callaway's latest club offering.

“Five Iron Golf has built a strong brand and leadership position in the evolving indoor golf market by creating technology-driven, eye-catching venues appealing to avid golfers, pure entertainment seekers, and everyone in between,” Chip Brewer, President and CEO of Callaway, said. “This innovative business aligns with Callaway’s belief that the future of golf will be more accessible and inclusive.”

Golf in general has been extended to the mightiest of athletes and celebrities. Michael Jordan has been playing golf since the 90s, but recently created GROVE XXIII, his own private course where he can golf with his closest friends and celebrity colleagues.

Steph Curry, meanwhile, has been good at golf since he played basketball at Davidson where he met, played, and beat PGA Tour professional Will Gordon, according to

Golf in general is a great networking tool, and there needs to be more of a concerted effort to advocate the sport to more Black men who are just as capable of being great and earning golf scholarships, which can lead to a career in professional golf in the future.


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