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Fit Forearms More Popular Than Rock-Hard Six-Packs

Apart from being talented actors and sporting killer smiles, there is one more thing the likes of Idris Elba, Taye Diggs and Shemar Moore have in common: sculpted forearms. According to a survey conducted by Men’s Health, there are a number of muscles on a man’s body that a woman finds more appealing than a six-pack. Sexy forearms seemingly have the ability to leave even the coolest of ladies reduced to a swooning mess. Women tend to associate strong forearms with dexterous caresses and the ability to both build a house and fend off a mugger with absolute ease. Men, on the other hand, appreciate that fuller forearms give them a more imposing look that also increases their strength capabilities in terms of exercise and sport. You may also be surprised how much better your favorite watch looks on a forearm that is a bit fuller and more defined than what you are used to.  

Don’t fall victim to ‘skinny arm syndrome’

By engaging in strength training that includes the forearms at least twice a week, you will not only be able to reduce any fat in the area but encourage muscle growth as well. You can give your muscle-building efforts an even bigger boost by ensuring that you get a minimum of 150 minutes worth of cardio exercise a week, which may include walking, running, cycling and swimming. By following a healthy diet and taking a supplement such as a selective androgen receptor modulator, you can further aid your body in building muscle in all the right areas. It’s important to remember that you have control over the extent to which you develop your muscles. Many men prefer a leaner, more subtle look over the bulging muscles you see on competitive bodybuilders, which can easily be achieved by reducing the intensity and frequency of your workouts.

Some exercises are better than others

There are a number of exercises you can engage in to effectively avoid ‘skinny arm syndrome.’ Wrist curls, grip crushes, chin-ups, crab walks, and parallel bar hand walks are all great for working on your flexors, extensors, brachioradialis, and the extensor carpi radialis longus. While you will definitely be able to benefit from a gym membership and personal trainer, most exercises can also be done in the comfort of your own home using basic equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and even your trusted towel.

Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves

Although wearing t-shirts is one way to show off your toned forearms, there are other ways to display the fruits of your hard work as well. While the verdict is still out on whether rolling up your sleeves can be considered stylish, there is no rule book that dictates that you can’t. As long as you don’t attempt to roll up your suit or sport jacket sleeves, you should be good to go. Make sure that you roll up the sleeves in such a way that the sides are symmetrical, and that the folds lay flat and neatly against your arm.

Unlike other fitness trends that are fleeting at most, the obsession with toned forearms seems to have considerable staying power. Luckily, by engaging in regular exercise, you too can soon sport a pair of forearms to be proud of.


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