Everything I learned about Space Exploration from ‘Alien Covenant’

In the 6th installment of this documentary series that has now been out for over two weeks, I learned a lot. From who to go with and how to grieve. Alien: Covenant even taught me how to love again (right after narrowly escaping a planet where your entire crew died.)

Communication is Keyyy….

Communication is a key to most things in life and especially in space. Case and point, when one of your fellow crew members is crying and screaming over the radio that you need to get back to the ship, definitely give them that passive-aggressive treatment.

Don’t trust the guy who lives outside an above ground graveyard.

“Oh wow what a lovely open concept, I love this take on traditional graveyards, who was your designer?”

When you arrive at a strange planet, where people’s chests are exploding for no valid reason, probably not a good time to relax. Matter of fact, here’s a list of things not to do when you’re a house guest on a mysterious planet:

  1. Take a bath

  2. Walk by yourself

  3. Have alone time with the creepy robot who plays the flute

  4. Having a heart to heart