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Every Man Should Know About These 5 Shaving Tips

Shaving may become a nightmare if you do not use the right techniques and appropriate products. It can even lead to irritation or sore skin. However, if you add a little extra effort into your hair removal routine, it will definitely improve the health of the skin. You will feel more comfortable if you try out specific products that are meant to protect your skin.

Cheap and sloppy drug store shaving products do not reveal quality. Try to invest more in good products because the results will not cease to appear and in the long run it might prove to be less expensive that it first seemed. This website offers useful information that could completely change your shaving habits in a positive way. Read about some of the best shaving products that will help you get the perfect look.

1. Exfoliate

Before every shave, especially if you are a frequent shaver – exfoliate. This can aid your skin and dehydrate it. Furthermore, instead of shaving in the shower, try to do it over the sink. During winter, the skin is dry, irritated and gets cracked. If you switch from an overheated room to another, you only create more discomfort and the skin dehydrates.

Therefore, try to exfoliate to get rid of the dead skin cells and to get a smooth shave. You can do this even twice a week. Do not rely on your shaving products completely because they cannot do their job when dead skin cells stand in their way.

2. Shower and Shaving

This is a common mistake that many men make when shaving. A hot shower and a cold, dry air can cause irritation for your skin. Generally, men consider that a hot shower helps to soften the skin before a shave. Skip the shower before shaving because it will eventually dry your skin. You should not wash away all the natural oils of the skin.

It is enough to splash some hot water on your face to open pores. Another thing to do is soak it using a hot, damp towel on your face for 10 seconds. This will prepare the skin for the shaving process. Make sure to include some oil in the routine. In order to have a clean and safe shave, use a pre-shave oil.

3. Shaving Products

Make sure to use only quality shaving products. After you have to prepare the skin for shaving. First, use a sharp blade. This is the most important item when it comes to a clean shave. Find a sharp one, but do not use it for too long. You should replace the blade as soon as you notice it drags across your face instead of gliding. Most of these blades are good only for a week.

Then, use a high-quality shaving cream. Search for a cream made from natural ingredients. This will not only improve your shaving routine, but also hydrate your skin. Try to avoid products that contain silicone and parabens. A boar hair shaving brush could also be of great help.

4. Shaving Techniques

Learn how to appropriately use a sharp blade to avoid irritating the skin. Use short strokes instead of continuous, long ones that start with your upper check down to the bottom of your neck. Short strokes allow you to control the amount of pressure that you place on the razor.

On the first run, it is advisable to shave in the direction of your hair growth. This way, you will be able to remove the bulk hair without irritating your skin. After this first try, reapply some more shaving cream and shave across the grain and then against the grain to obtain a close shave. You also need to remember to trim your private parts! If you are not sure which way is best, take a look at a Depilatory VS Manscaping analysis. There is nothing worse than a jungle-like appearance downstairs.

5. Post-Shave Routine

When you are done, splash your face with cold water to remove the remaining hair. This will also help close your pores. Purchase an alum block and apply it on your freshly shaved face. Alum is an antiseptic that will help to seal minor cuts while refreshing your skin.

Consider using a toner. Splash on your face and then quickly wipe off with a cotton pad the excess of oils. A dry skin can be a drag. Applying a moisturizer on the dry areas of your skin would also be a great idea. Work it into the skin with your fingertips.

These shaving tips are aimed at every man that is either looking to change his shaving routine or make it more efficient. Make sure to choose quality products that improve your routine. Avoid using products that contain alcohol since they irritate the skin. Consider using pre-shave and after-shave products that are appropriate for your type of skin.

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