Eazy Denim Gives Art A Second Life

Upcycle artist and Philadelphia native Eazy Denim (Terrance Woolford) revitalizes the familiar and transforms everyday objects with his unique style. His environmentally-friendly creations showcase the raw, transformative nature of art and how it speaks to audiences on a personal level. In a fascinating chat with QG, he shared his creative vision, views on the environment, and how he got his name.

As a Philadelphia native, how has urban culture inspired and influenced you as an artist?

Being from West Philly, I feel like the gritty and raw elements of the city are very reflective in my artwork. Some pieces like “Rap, Trap or Ball” tell the story of the three paths society says the black man can pursue to make it out of the urban environment. I love that kids today are exposed to so much more and can avoid the stereotypical way out.

Photo Credit: Darryl Brooks

As an upcycle artist, how do you uniquely implement your creative vision through art?

With art, sometimes I want to tell stories, and other times I want the viewers to tell me what they see. Every piece stands alone. My vision is not only to make art I want to see but to speak for the people who aren’t always heard, yet have something important to say.

Can you explain how art and environmentalism become one in your creations?