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Dr. Sonita Sadio Talks New Anti-Aging Process For Men In The Hamptons

This past weekend, The Quintessential Gentleman was poolside at the AichG presents Men’s Lifestyle Lounge with Porsche of Huntington & Alpha Social Club. The Men’s Lifestyle lounge focused on mens health and education of anti-aging regiments. At the event Dr. Sonita Sadio gave a session on her Tanager Private Aesthetics & Hair Club for Men. She believes that less is more and that men are starting to become about how they look. Men’s issues go largely unreported but they can suffer from all kinds of conditions which they need advice from a tight foreskin to premature balding, so events like this are a welcome change.

Tanager Private Aesthetics is a members-only, all-inclusive “Secret Society for Your Face” ideal for the sophisticated professional gentleman who wishes to remain ageless and dignified. Dr. Sadio is passionate about non-surgical options to help clients avoid surgery altogether. She has cultivated an intimate understanding of the aesthetic nuances of male facial features to make accomplished men look the way they feel decisive, composed, confident, and masculine.

Check out Dr. Sonita Sadio talk about men and cosmetic surgery, hair treatments and the future.

Dr. Sadio is the founder of Sub Rosa Private Aesthetics and Tanager Private Aesthetics – a luxury membership for professional women and men who want to remain ageless and dignified with alternatives to plastic surgery. Sub Rosa has been featured in New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, People, Business Insider, Allure, Social and more. Dr. Sadio has a strong medical background from some of our country’s finest institutions, Georgetown, Harvard Medical School, The Mayo Clinic, and Yale College.


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