Dissecting Summer Wedding Dress Codes

For many people, the summer season is full of beach trips, barbecues, and weddings, lots of weddings! This can leave guys that receive multiple wedding invites with a lot of outfit requirements and a little bit of confusion depending on the dress code asks of each couple. Don’t fear, QG fashion team is here to break down some of the more common summer wedding dress codes and ways to tackle each to ensure you look appropriate (and dapper) for every type of occasion.

Black Tie Required

Canali Black Slim-Fit Satin-Trimmed Tuxedo

The most formal dress code for weddings is black tie required, which basically means wear a full tuxedo or don’t show up. These weddings usually take place in the evening and at a venue where you probably won’t want to bump into anything, which means you should dress so “clean” that people won’t want to bump into you. For this type of wedding, a classic, black tuxedo with a white shirt and black formal tie would be most appropriate. A way you can have a little fun is by playing with the style of jacket. For example, instead of the standard single breasted notch lapel jacket, try a double-breasted peak lapel version instead.

Black Tie Optional