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Deion Sanders Talks Turning 50, His Partnership with Botox and Tips for Younger Athletes

NFL Network Analyst and host of Game Day Prime, Deion Sanders, turned 50 in August and he’s proud of it. The former football and baseball player is not taking time for granted and wants to look his best while living life. Mr. Sanders talks with us about what it means to turn 50, partnering with Botox and more.

You recently turned 50. How do you feel?

You don’t understand. When your turn 50, it is a pivotal mark in life. I have lost my biological as well as my stepfather, so you really start to think about how much time do I have left? Have I done this? Have I accomplished this? Am I the father I need to be? Am I the man I need to be? Am I living on purpose? What is really going on? So you do a real self-evaluation and that is prevalent with many people that hit 50. I did the same thing and in its totality. Not only physically but mentally, socially, financially, spiritually and psychologically. I did all of that. So that was really a big thing for me. I don’t take time for granted.

Everyone has their own idea of what success is. At this particular time in your life, do you feel that you are successful?

Well, that word success is a tricky word. It is based on your life and based on where you transcribe from. I equate it differently and I don’t really think about that word. I think about impact. That is the preferred word for me. What is the impact you had on life? What impact did you have on people? What impact did you have on your kids? What impact did you have on your friends? So more than success, the impact. Success is a selfish word.

Now you talk about the impact that you have, how important is it for you to be involved in community service or to be involved with the youth?

Very much so. With Prime5 that is what we are trying to do. We are trying to tackle poverty in the inner city and Dallas. We are starting there. I have a youth organization called Truth Youth with kids aged 5-12. We have been going on for more than 10 years now. All sports as well as education. So, I am dealing with parents on a daily basis with joblessness. I am dealing with parents with addiction. I am dealing with kids with self-esteem problems. I am dealing with homelessness. I am dealing with academic concerns. We put together Prime5 so we could tackle all these issues in the inner cities

Do you feel pressure to always look your best, being that you are in the spotlight?

I don’t feel pressure. A single mother of four kids to feed that is pressure. What I do is a choice. These are options that you have. I always want to put my best foot forward. I always want to look the part. I always want to feel the part. I always want to know the part as well. So I am very conscious about and self-aware of my appearance because I think appearance stipulates so much more. When you walk in, your appearance stereotypes you. Either he is professional or he’s not. He’s angry or he’s not. So I am conscious of those things and I try to articulate those things to a lot of the younger generation as well as the current players.

So you recently partnered with Botox can you tell me a little bit about that?

Botox Cosmetic is wonderful. I am very pleased with the results. I am elated with the results. When you look in the mirror and see frown lines and crows feet, you want to do something about it. And having the ability to do something about it instantaneously was a blessing to me. Not only to me but my mother and my girl Tracey. They can’t wait till next week where we all get a treatment together.

I know you mentor some of the younger players. What are 3 tips you will give them to prepare them for being off of the field?

  1. Understanding the definition of a friend and that responsibility. Because often times, as young African Americans, if we made it, we feel like we owe everybody that didn’t and we try to bring them along for the ride. And you cannot carry luggage everywhere you go. We know that but often times we don’t understand that and we don’t want to accept that.

  2. Secondly, you have to really start to mature and understand who you are. I mean really who you are as a person. That is one of the hardest things to do. To understand who you are. Because so often we are living for the perception of what others think and we are placing people, places, and things instead of the self-awareness and understanding who you really are.

  3. Your faith is going to maintain you. Your faith is going to contain you. Your faith is going to keep you on a level playing field. Your faith has to be there when everyone else is gone.

What does a Quintessential Gentleman look like to you? 

First of all, it has nothing to do with the outward appearance. When I say outward appearance, I am talking about not what he clothes himself in, not the shoes that he is wearing. It is the confidence and the attitude that he displays. Often times a confident person would interfere with someone’s insecurities, therefore, they would start to stereotype him. That gentleman is very confident. He is assured.  He knows what he wants. He knows he’s going to get it and he knows how to make it happen. He does not wait for permission.

What can we look forward to from Mr. Deion Sanders?

Spreading more peace, happiness, joy, love, respect, understanding and wisdom. That is what you can look forward to.

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