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Clinton, Trump Purchase Last Minute Campaign Ads for World Series

The two top presidential candidates bought last minute ads for game 7 of the World Series tonight.

The Clinton campaign has bought four TV ads during the Cleveland Indians/Chicago Cubs World Series matchup, while the Trump Campaign elected to buy three commercial spots according to a campaign spokesman, and confirmed by CNN Money.

However, Clinton’s spots are floating, which means spots aren’t guaranteed to air amid specific times, but the campaign commercials are booked.

As for Donald Trump, only one of his commercials are fixed, and the rest will be floating, too.

CNN reports that an ad during Game 7 exceeds $500,000; however, due to broadcasters being legally obligated to give presidential candidates the lowest unit rate weeks before an election, the campaign leaders will, in fact, be paying less.

The Clinton Campaign had two ads during the game 6 contest, and Trump didn’t have any. Rather, the National Rifle Association, who endorses Trump, had one ad in game 6.

With the World Series being the most watched TV series this past week, Fox expects Game 7 to be the most-watched MLB game in the last 15 years, though.


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