Checking In On Baseball Post All-Star Break

With the ending of the All-Star break and the season now in the home stretch, what’s happening in the Baseball?

To start off, if the playoffs started today these are the teams that would be in:


  1. Boston Redsox: 51-39

  2. Cleveland: 47-41

  3. Houston Astros: 61-29

  4. Wild Card: Tampa Bay Rays V. New York Yankees


  1. Washington Nationals: 53-36

  2. Milwaukee Brewers: 51-41

  3. Los Angeles Dodgers: 62-29

  4. Wild Card: Arizona Diamondbacks V. Colorado Rockies

If you noticed any strange absences, it’s more than likely the defending Camps the Chicago Cubs not even making a Wild Card spot. While they haven’t been at their best this season, they are showing no interest in waiting for next year.

Possibly on the move: