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Celibacy. The new way to find a GOOD woman?


In a world where the less clothes worn equals the most Instagram likes and the idea of monogamy is just that, an idea, how does a man find a good woman? Is it possible to find a woman who is interested in a mans heart and building a future rather than how she can be elevated materialistically? Maybe holding out is the key to a happy future!


Russell Wilson (Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks) and Ciara (Singer, Songwriter and Fashion Model) were the most talked about couple in 2015. Russell is a young and highly rated Quarterback with a Super bowl ring under his belt and Ciara is a Grammy-award winning superstar with a slew of new fashion and modeling contracts, including Roberto Cavalli. Their popularity grew not because they were a wealthy power couple but because they choose to publicly share that they’d remain celibate until they were married.


In the Entertainment industry, this type of rule in a relationship is normally unheard of and definitely not publicly acknowledged. Especially in a world where sex sales, its refreshing to see a high-profile couple showing a different type of relationship goal. Russell told US Weekly “Can we love each other without [sex]? If you can really love someone without that then you can really love somebody”.


Megan Good and her husband Devon Franklin are another celebrity couple who chose to wait it out until they said their “I Do’s”. Megan told VOH’s Epiosode, “One of the things I noticed right off the bat what I had more clarity, more self-worth.” She added that, “It made our whole relationship be about us and getting to know each other.”

Russell, 27, and Ciara, 30, took to their Instagram’s on Friday March 2nd to announce their engagement after only 11 months of dating. Gentleman, maybe shifting your focus from sex is the key to finding a GOOD woman. Could you give up sex if you knew it would lead you to the perfect match?

Congratulations to Russell Wilson and Ciara.

Photos taken from Ciara, Russell Wilson and Megan Good Instagrams.

The Quintessential Gentleman

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