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CBD Oil for Your Pets

CBD oil has become extremely popular for pets among their owners due to its broad spectrum of useful effects. It is not only an effective remedy for many physical and behavioral issues but also very safe to use in pets (as in humans). CBD is extracted from the Cannabis or hemp plant. It has been found to have profound healing effects on all mammals including humans, dogs, and cats. Due to the increasing popularity of CBD use for pets, there are numerous CBD dog treats and cat treats you can choose from. There are a number of CBD based pet health products available on the internet, and you might want to try something like cat cbd tincture if you are interested in using a CBD product on your pet. If you are a pet owner, you must have used it one way or other for a broad range of health issues like cancer, phobias, muscle spasm, digestive disorders, fear and pain, anxiety, obsession, withdrawal, and mood and memory issues. If your pet has undergone some surgery or is recovering from an illness; cbd for cats and dogs can stimulate the appetite and can fasten the speed of healing. This amazing compound is being used for centuries and has scientifically been tested for its safety in humans and pets like dogs and cats.

How does CBD work in pets?

CBD performs all the above-mentioned functions by stimulating the endocannabinoid system of the pets; therefore many dog and cat owners prefer CBD for dogs and cats' health related issues. It is named after the Cannabis plant from where CBD is extracted. This system is a network of receptors that are located throughout the body. Naturally, some cannabinoid-like substances are also synthesized by the body to maintain a stable environment and an optimum internal functioning. However, when the internal mechanism fails to produce effective amounts of these substances we can supplement it with outer sources in form of pills, biscuits or oils. Many researchers suggest that supplementing the pets with exogenous cannabinoids can stimulate the body to activate more receptors and hence increase their efficacy. Till date two main types of receptors have been identified; named as Cb1 and Cb2 receptors. CB1 is mainly present in the nervous system and glands while Cb2 receptors are present in the immune system. The key role of these cannabinoids is to control internal body inflammation by modulating the immune response system. Less internal inflammation means less wear and tear of tissues and fewer chances of getting dreadful diseases. The stimulation of these receptors can also halt an ongoing disease process to provide a timely cure.

How to determine the right dosage?

According to Daily CBD MAG, there is no fixed or standardized dozing of CBD for pets. It varies according to the age, size, metabolism and the specific disease which is being treated. Although many companies have given an estimated dose according to their studies it varies and no final dose is being agreed upon by all. The starting dose is being given as 1-5 milligram for every 10 pounds. However, it’s logical to start with a lower dose; if it does not produce any changes then you can gradually increase the dose. For example; in order to control the pain of pet; start with the minimal dose and if it does not produce any effect then you can repeat the dose after 4 hours. The chronic diseases usually require higher doses of CBD such as systemic inflammation and cancer. The owner of the pet will also get an idea of how much amount is good for his/her pet. Although there is little chance of toxicity with CBD, you still should not overdose it.

How to use CBD oil in pets?

CBD Oil can be given in many forms according to your own convenience. If your pet dog is the one you are going to administer this medication to, it is beneficial to educate yourself before giving your dog CBD. Although there are benefits to this, you still have to make sure you know everything there is to know about this, as I’m sure you have your pet’s best interests at heart. CBD oil is available in a dropper to give readily into the mouth, to add into a food, or rub directly onto the skin. It can also be dropped on animal feet such as cats and dogs because they will lick it off. You can also put CBT oil in biscuits, capsules or ointments.

Benefits of CBD OIL:

The beauty of CBD oil lies in its ability to treat a wide range of physical and behavioral diseases in a natural way. Its amazing effects have not only been used and studied in humans but it’s equally effective in pets too. A survey held by American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) listed and confirmed a number of successful uses of CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for cats which can be enlisted as:

  1. Anxiety relief

  2. reduction of inflammation

  3. vomiting and nausea from car rides

  4. increased vitality and energy

  5. pain relief from cancer or Arthritis

  6. sleep aid

  7. support to the nervous system

  8. limiting the spread of cancer cells

  9. skin diseases

  10. fear of separation

  11. fireworks, thunderstorm, and noise phobia

  12. quick recovery from surgery

  13. pacing and generalized tranquility

  14. decreased aggression towards other animals

Choosing the Right CBD Product:

It’s very crucial that you get an authentic and purely natural CBD devoid of any marijuana or harmful sedatives. You will find tall claims of many products regarding its wonder effects and superiority over the others. However, there are few things to keep in mind when you get to go for CBD shopping. We recommend opting for Medipets as MedipetsCBD who is the leading brand in this aspect as it provides a complete range of safe CBD oils for your pets. We are summarizing it for your ease to help out getting the right product:

  1. Make sure to buy CBD which is extracted from industrial hemp plant and not marijuana. The faulty product will give your dog high along with many adverse effects. Although both these plants belong to the same Cannabis family; hemp CBD is safe and way more different than marijuana as mentioned before.

  2. You should also consider the growing standards of the hemp plant and its cultivation environment. It is important it should be grown in a clean environment as hemp can accumulate toxins.

  3. Extraction is the most crucial and important step of CBT making. The wrong method of extraction can change the quality of the product The best method is CO2 extraction using high pressure. Be aware to avoid products which include solvents like propane, hexane, and butane as they can cause the respiratory problems.

  4. You should prefer the products which are infused with coconut oil because it will give higher absorbability and is better absorbed and digested by dogs and cats. We suggest you buy a CBD oil; not some cookies are treats because they are not as effective as oils and may contain harmful additives.


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