Cancel Culture: A Call of Action or A Complaint

Each generation and decade contributes something to society and culture. Whether the contribution is to black culture, pop culture, or cultural heritage. There will always be a fad, topic, or incident contributing to the present-day culture. Currently, we’re experiencing this new form of culture titled Cancel Culture. Cancel Culture is a form of blackballing or boycott usually categorized by action or unpopular opinion of a celebrity.

It’s used to place a public figure into a class where the majority agrees to no longer affiliate, associate, or support the public figure placed in this canceled category. It’s quite interesting how this entire movement of canceling someone or something has even grown legs to stand on in today’s society where we’re constantly preached to about forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the way of life and has been the cornerstone of so many religious and spiritual belief systems.

It leaves you wondering “is this even fair?” How are we to so nonchalantly dispose of someone the moment they fall out of alignment with our personal beliefs or feelings? However, we’re quickly reminded that we’re also living in a time where one’s attention span isn’t even a minute long, so, no one is really canceled.

That’s where the problem lies in this cancel culture. We forgive too quickly, but we forget even quicker. The cancelation lasts for a moment, and we move on to the next topic at hand. In hindsight, there really isn’t any reason for us to get upset when all we’re going to do is forgive and forget, which is expected from someone who is human with a heart of compassion. The intended call for canceling serves a greater purpose because withholding o