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Can You Get a Beard Transplant in Turkey?

ile it is more common for men to choose hair transplant procedures to replace hair lost on the scalp, some men also choose to have work done to get a full beard. Not every man is able to achieve and naturally grow a thick beard, which is where a hair transplant procedure can be beneficial. A thick beard can be a sign of masculinity and virility and may be prized in some cultures.

In some cases, a man may want a thick beard to hide scars. Certainly, some conditions such as skin cancer can lead to much facial scarring after the cancerous tissue is cut out of the skin. If these scars are found in a region where a beard can be present, then there is a simple way to hide such scars, and that is by growing a beard.

Particularly for covering scars, the hairs need to be quite dense, which is why a hair transplant procedure can be a useful cosmetic means of hiding these unattractive scars. Even if you don’t have scars to cover you may still find that you can’t grow a thick beard like you want to. This is where a hair transplant method such as the FUE can be really helpful in giving you the look that you want.

Turkey is a great place to go to get a beard transplant done

There are many hair loss clinics and specialists offering a range of cosmetic services, and the country is used to hosting many visitors from overseas who fly into Turkey to get medical work done. Istanbul alone has many great hair transplant clinics available, such as the Vera Clinic, which you can contact to get more information and advice about beard transplant and other hair procedures and treatments.

The FUE procedure is very popular at the moment and works well for hair on the scalp, for eyebrow transplants and for beard transplants. Donor hair is carefully excised from the back of the scalp, the donor site. The cuts that are made to extract hair are very small and the hair is removed as follicular units which has all the needed tissue attached for a successful graft.

The procedure is not too painful and has many benefits and you can control what your beard looks like. Generally, it does require expertise though so you need to have the beard transplant procedure done at a credentialed clinic which has experienced and qualified professionals. It is important with the beard hair that each hair follicle is grafted into place in the correct orientation and angle.

Hair will grow back in about 6 months to produce a lush and thick beard. The other benefit is that the hair transplant is permanent so once the graft is done, the hair follicle will be in place and able to grow. In the past, the FUT procedure was used for head hair transplants and beard transplants, but this method has largely been replaced by the much superior FUE technique.

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