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Branding Entrepreneur Provides Tips on Marketing your Business on Instagram

Social media can really build your business. As it continues to evolve, you have to stay up to date on the essentials for marketing as an entrepreneur. We caught up with branding entrepreneur, Asa Sealy, who shares some tips on how to build a brand on Instagram.

1. Focus on what makes you unique

Stop looking at other accounts and trying to duplicate their content. Social media allows you to be yourself which connects you organically with others that like YOU and not the facade you choose to hide behind. Looking to grow a loyal following? Then tap into what makes you unique. 

2. Identify your target audience

Who are you speaking to? It’s super important to know who you are talking to so your messaging doesn’t fall on deaf ears.Your engagement will organically increase if you are speaking to your audience and not to everyone. Not everyone wants your content. Find out who is looking for your type of content and stay consistent, delivering it over and over. You’re also able to use instagram messages on computer applications available for download so you can make it easier to reach out and message your audience.

3. Build Influence Use social media platforms to add value. I didn’t say to give away the cow, but you need to be perceived as wanting to share your lessons without a selfish return attached to every post. Try volunteering information and your credibility online will shoot to the moon. 4. Post Quality Photos

No not go out and hire a professional photographer, but you MUST post quality images. Stay away from the blurry content, out of focus pictures (unless your content deals with “the effects of being drunk”) People appreciate a well-curated page and that requires spending some time on your photo quality and what you post. 5. Engage

Do not post and run away! When you receive a comment, don’t be afraid to reply. This organically increases your engagement and the perception that you actually care. It also shows others that come to your page that if they comment chances of your replying would be great, pushing them to want to connect. 6. Be consistent and authentic

Do not fake it! You will have a hard time keeping up. Get creative in how you present your content, and you will get value there versus running out and renting a private jet to do a photo shoot. That time will come as you grow your influence online. Don’t be afraid to share where you are and what you are doing to grow. People love a “real” story. 7. Plan ad budget

You got to invest in your brand. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. You must set aside some money every month to assign strategically to posts that can really position you as a credible authority online. Don’t be afraid to boost content, schedule a professional photo shoot, or run a Facebook ad. It will only add to the perception of you and your brand online.

Learn more about marketing and branding from Asa Sealy.


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