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Boho Chic the New Wave

Bohemian fashion is a trend that is easy and breezy for any to pull off. It’s a relaxed style that doesn’t require much, however, having an eye for quality fabric choices and pairing is a skill well needed. Silhouettes are selected out of comfort, colors and patterns are typically bold, expressive or neutrals. And your personality is added in the details be it your vintage accessories or pop of art, for the bohemian style every little feature that helps bring character to your look. Celebrities like Lenny Kravits and Diggy Simmons are masters of this style. Check out our Boho Chic look styled by

Lemaire: Tee Shirt $180.00

3.1 Phillip Lim: Drawstring Cargo Pants $375.00

Rivieras: Jeans Slip On Shoes $95.00

Salvatore Ferragamo: D-Woven Bracelet $250.00

Barbour: Crush Bushman $80.00


QG - Ernie Hudson copy 4.jpg
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