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Blindstopping: “The Collin EP” Featuring E-40, Mistah F.A.B and Film Stars Daveed Diggs

Republic Records and Lionsgate announced the release of the official soundtrack for the critically-acclaimed feature film Blindspotting from Lionsgate’s Summit Entertainment label. The soundtrack will be released in three different installments with the first, The Collin EP, available at all digital retailers, and the second release, The Miles EP, to go live on July 27th in tandem with the film’s North American theatrical opening. The two EP releases are named after the lead characters. More information on the full soundtrack and final release, The Town EP, will be announced soon. Blindspotting is set for release in select theaters on July 20th and goes wide on July 27th.

Get Blindspotting: The Collin EP HERE.

Check out the full track listing for the first release below.

  1. Rafael Casal & Daveed Diggs – “Commander Smiley”

  2. Rafael Casal & Daveed Diggs – “Easy Come, Easy Go”

  3. Mistah F.A.B., Rafael Casal & Daveed Diggs – “In My City”

  4. Rafael Casal & Daveed Diggs – “Chopped”

  5. Moe Green, Daveed Diggs, & Kiana Ledé – “Running to the Sky”

  6. E-40, Rafael Casal, Daveed Diggs – “Not a Game”

  7. Marc Bamuthi Joseph – “Stories for Freedom”

  8. Daveed Diggs & Emmy Raver – “Something in the Water”


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