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Black Restaurant Week Takes Over Atlanta

We told you it was coming! Last week, Atlanta became home to Black Restaraunt Week, which originally launched in Texas. The weekend of events kicked off with 4 majors events, 2 including the Nosh Culinary Showcase and The Power of the Palate: Bartending Competition. The Nosh Culinary Showcase featured chefs from all over the countries who came together to show foodies and patrons in Atlanta what they had to offer. Hosted by Comedienne Kiana Dancie, a segment of this evenings festivities included the chefs taking to the stage in an effort to win over the taste buds of food connoisseurs. Notable chefs included Chef Jaaion, Chef Mark Phillips and more. The first place winner was a Chef by the name of Cheesecake Man.

The weekend really kicked into high gear during Saturday’s Power of the Palate: Atlanta Bartender Competition. 6 Bartenders and Mixologist from Atlanta came together to impress the guests. Hosted at the Newly renovated League Tavern (formerly Scales 925). One common trend during the events is culture and influence. It was noted in their presentations that most of the evening’s competitors have roots in Africa & Jamaica because they used ingredients from their families native lands. One Bartender used Ginger Root, while another used Basil Spray to accent the drink. Overall, the complexity and creativeness took-over. These drinks were not just beverages, they were Creations.

Other events during the weekend included Aroma: Restaurant Consulting Series that was a panel discussion where people interested in the business behind the restaurant came together to learn the ins and outs of the industry. The weekend concluded with SoundBites: Atlanta Food Truck Park an event that gathered plenty of food trucks, music, and hungry people. Dozens of restaurateurs who have taken a vow to provide the best Meal on Wheels came together to give the best that they had. Attendees were not disappointed.

For an event that was new to the city, it garnered a lot of attendees and supporters. Congratulations Atlanta on your Inaugural Black Restaraunt Week.

Nosh Culinary Show Case

Power of the Palate: Atlanta Bartender Competition

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