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“Bad Boys For Life” Crosses $100 Million at the Box Office WorldWide

We have been waiting for the third installment of the Bad Boys franchise for 17 years. With a weekend box office hit of $100 Million worldwide, it looks like the whole world has been waiting for the anticipated threequel.

Since Bad Boys 2, which came out in 2003, both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have been on the big screen but never the two of them together tearing up the city of Miami. But after seeing the action-comedy, we can all say it was worth the wait! The movie was projected to make $40M domestically over the 4-day holiday weekend but ended up close $60M in just 3 days. With these numbers, Bad Boys for Life is the second-best MLK opener ever after American Sniper, which made $107.2M.

Bad Boys 3 is a huge win for Sony as the movie cost $90M to make. Just when we all thought reboots were getting old and lack creativity, it seems that this franchise has lived up to the hype. There are even talks of a fourth movie heading to production. Will Smith really took the reigns with the marketing of this film as he does with all of his projects that have been released since he started and embraced social media. From the social media promotions to the interviews, everyone was talking about Bad Boys for Life.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, make sure to get your tickets! Also, make sure you listen to the soundtrack, which features Meek Mill, the City Girls, Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee and more.


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