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Bachelor Pad Décor Tips on a Budget

Times have certainly changed because bachelor pad used to refer to messy, disorganized spaces filled with college furniture and sports memorabilia. If you want to create a budget bachelor space that suits your needs, you should follow these tips.

Opt for Tailored Upholstery

To add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bachelor pad, you should opt for tailored upholstery. For instance, you can opt for a sofa with button tufts, which is stylish and will not soon go out of style. You can also opt for streamlined upholstery on a chair with sleek lines. If a woman comes into the picture, this furniture can become a female-friendly piece with the addition of throw pillows and botanical prints.

Avoid Clichés Whenever Possible

Cliché design ideas are slowly becoming outdated, which means that you will need to redecorate sooner. Of course, cliché pieces such as leather sofas are durable but you should opt for furniture that is unexpected and unique. If you would like to keep costs down, you should opt for affordable upholstery materials such as linen and velvet.

When looking for upholstery fabric, you should set aside 35 dollars per yard if you want to get something durable and of good quality. Skimping on this fabric costs more in the long run because of tears and rips.

Avoid Bare Windows

Some men associate window treatments with femininity, which is incorrect because they are gender-neutral. Window treatments play an important role in preventing furniture from fading, insulating your space, and lowering noise pollution. You need window treatments whether you live in apartments like Renoir House apartments on the East Side or the units available at this website

If you want to make your window treatments look more masculine, you should choose geometric prints, plaids, and solid colors. When choosing fabric for your curtains, you should look for the label ‘drapery weight’. Your window treatments should be lined to give them a high-end touch.

Lining usually keeps the panels hanging correctly and ensures that your curtains have neat folds all through. If you live in an area with plenty of sunshine but would rather block it out, you can opt for curtains with blackout liner. It blocks out all the light, allowing you to sleep in after the sun rises.

Stick with Solid Colors for Furniture

When choosing your furniture staples, you should opt for solid colors, which can easily be transformed into new pieces with the right blankets and throw pillows. You can use nail-head details to decorate a boring solid piece of furniture. If you have basic, cheap chairs, you can make them look more sophisticated by adding nail-head details using a mallet.

Avoid Blue

The most popular color for bachelor pads is blue. To make your space more adaptable, you should opt for accents of blue instead of choosing a single color. Men also love brown and grey colors because they go well with almost anything.

If you are looking for a good color for your bachelor pad walls, you can opt for brown or grey. To provide some contrast that is male-friendly, you should consider royal purples and deep reds. However, you should know that not all purples and reds will work – choosing the wrong color can throw off the aesthetic of a room.

If you do not want your space to appear feminine, you should avoid light purples and red colors that have pink undertones. Deep violets and fire-engine reds are the best colors for a bachelor pad. When decorating your bachelor pad, you should avoid clichés, bare windows, and solid blues; opt for tailored upholstery, and stick with solid furniture colors.


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