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Artists to Watch in 2017


As we glance back on 2016, you can’t help but come to the conclusion that Drake is a Gentleman of Strategy. Since the beginning of his career, he’s had the ‘Midas touch’. What’s more intriguing is how he has managed to maneuver his sound, style and business in such a manner that when he is expected to lose, he still wins. He consistently delivers music for every scenario of our lifestyle. From his gritty raps to his melodic ballads, we can’t have enough. When most rappers may take a break after releasing an album that goes 4x Platinum, Drake is back in the lab concocting and evolving a new sound for us. On the heels of Views, he announced that he had a playlist called More Life that was coming soon. He released three tracks thus far: “Fake Love, “2 Birds 1 Stone” and “Sneakin’”. If these are the appetizers, we are definitely looking forward to the full-course-meal of songs, and features that will only solidify his position in 2017.


In the past two years Future has put out six albums. I think it’s safe to say that in 2017 he will continue to release more music. He is the Gentleman of the Turn Up. Nothing sounds better than Future in preparation for the weekend. After a long workweek, whether you want to vibe in the car on your way home or hang out with your friends at the pre-game, his music definitely builds excitement. You have to be inspired by his work ethic; the ability to put out good music at a consistent rate is a rarity. One lesson we can learn from Future from last year is that we must focus on our own goals and accomplish them, even when others try to duplicate our success. In 2017, we are definitely looking forward to more music that will continue to distinguish Future from the competition.

Big Sean

Big Sean is releasing his fourth album, I Decided, in February. He explained that this album is about rebirth. Big Sean is definitely a great example of an artist who has matured with each album. His sound and style have progressed over the years, to the point that he may be the best artist on Good Music. His flow and wordplay is highly underrated and he’s proven that he has the longevity to last in the music industry. He is also very active in helping the city that helped groom his charisma. For all the above reasons, he is the Charismatic Gentleman. With the four tracks he has released in anticipation of this album, you can’t help but look forward to hearing his complete album. By the looks of it Big Sean has decided to make sure you fully appreciate everything he has to offer in 2017.


Jidenna is the Cultured Gentleman. He exudes everything a gentleman is, from his stimulating conversations on world issues, to understanding the psychology behind the power of fashion. For someone who was raised in Nigeria, he has had the opportunity to see and experience things that would deter anyone from entering the world of music, where success isn’t common. The fact that he did experience success in such a genuine way lends him the ability to let the world hear his sound, and his story speaks volumes. With versatile singles ranging from “Little Bit More” to “Chief Don’t Run”, we can’t wait to see what he delivers in his debut LP, Long Live the Chief, which is expected released later this year.

Gucci Mane

Since being released from federal prison, Gucci Mane has released nine projects, – including three albums- with each release being better than the previous. Gucci Mane is definitely the hardest-working artist in the music industry right now. I believe that Gucci Mane is the Transitioned Gentleman. Since being released from prison, we can see that he has transformed from head to toe. He went from wearing sweats to designer clothes and his vernacular has also completely changed for the better. We are witnessing an actual transition. He is more driven than he has ever been. His lyrics and punch lines are also reformed. He’s also doing features and songs that are way out of his comfort zone- and he is succeeding. He continues to surprise us and in 2017 we can’t wait to see the new music he releases- especially if Gucci and Drake release the highly anticipated joint album, The 6ers.

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