Andre Iguodala Talks Fashion Non-Starters and the Importance of Refining a Unique Look

Andre Iguodala is a very busy guy. The Warriors’ small forward is one of the best sixth men in the NBA, a burgeoning Silicon Valley mogul and a businessman with big plans for his post-basketball career. He’s also one of the best-dressed men in pro sports, and is as educated and focused about fashion as anyone in the league.

It wasn’t always this way. In the early days of his career, Iguodala’s style meter wasn’t quite as muscular as it is now. But the Illinois native now has a CEO-level closet filled with classic sneakers and menswear, as well as custom-made footwear and high fashion suiting.

Iguodala admits that his style education was an evolutionary process. “When I started getting into fashion, I was still figuring out how I wanted to present myself,” he says. “Being on the East Coast for the first eight years of my career, I…saw people dressed street or in a very buttoned-up suit and tie.

“All of those things kind of came together for me…when I could pinpoint what I don’t want,” Iguodala admits. “I stay away from trends. I’ve established who I am, so that’s something I don’t have to chase now.”

Growing up in Illinois, the former NBA Finals MVP took note of his favorite player’s off-court fashion choices. “I saw Michael Jordan wearing suits a lot when I was a kid, but I wasn’t aware of how to get access to that,” says Iguodala, whose mother, Linda, made sure her taller-than-average son “knew the difference between certain clothes. There were school clothes, church clothes, Easter clothes. I could always differentiate where I was going based on how I was dressed. My mother was very fashion-forward for our budget.”

Now that the NBA star’s clothing allowance is as