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Academy Awards Fun Facts Sponsored by WalletHub

Getting to the 2017 Academy Awards is easy. Just leave “Manchester By The Sea” for a “Moonlight” stroll, take a right at the “Fences” and head west when you see “Hacksaw Ridge.” Assuming you don’t encounter a “Lion” or any “Hidden Figures” along the way, you’ll be ready and waiting for Oscar’s “Arrival” in “La La Land,” come “Hell or High Water”! Oh yeah, you also need to either know someone or go back in time and contribute to one of these aforementioned hit films because tickets are nearly impossible to come by, otherwise.

Which flick will take home the Oscar for Best Picture remains to be seen, of course. And we must similarly wait to see who will claim statues in all of the other categories, from Best Actor and Best Actress to Best Cinematography and Best Score. But even before PricewaterhouseCoopers finishes tallying the votes for the 83rdtime, there are a few things we do know for sure about the 89th Academy Awards.

For starters, every acting category has a black nominee for the first time ever, following two years in which not a single black actor or actress was nominated. Many winners will also receive a musical nudge to get off stage, as the Academy continues its long-running attempt to shorten the broadcast. And most importantly, it’s been a year to celebrate for the movie business, with revenue from North American ticket sales reaching a record $11.4 billion in 2016, according to comScore.

So go catch up on the nominated movies you’ve missed and get psyched for Hollywood’s biggest night by checking out all of the awesome Oscars stats and fun facts below. With a special emphasis on monetary concerns, WalletHub analyzed the event from top to bottom and collected the most interesting factoids we could find. You can find everything below. Enjoy the show!

Source: WalletHub


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