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A New Way To Order A Suit With BookATailor

BookATailor is an innovative pioneer in custom bespoke men’s and women’s wear. Not only are they innovative in that they offer the highest quality at the most affordable prices, but they are also independent in their production which expedites delivery time and has their clients garments ready in 4 weeks, a significantly shorter time than the industry norm.

How It Works:

1. Schedule an appointment online to visit a local showroom or request a Smart Tailor to come to you

2. Get measured and build your very own BookATailor bespoke profile. Your measurements will be saved on file for future orders

3. Choose your fabrics and styling options (design your bespoke clothes)

4. Your custom clothing will be ready in 4 weeks!

BookATailor strives to be the “future norm for men’s and women’s custom clothing.” They recognize the persona of the modern consumer embodying utility, convenience, and simplicity, but at the same time paying close attention to detail, all of which our service caters to.

Order your next suit with BookATailor Today!

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