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A Fresh Look on Heritage With Gamal Codner

Growth and advancement have been two qualities that Gamal Codner has always possessed. A son of two Jamaican immigrants that came over to the states with nothing more than their personal suitcases and a drive for more, Gamal knew from early on the desire to work hard and be successful.

After making a name for himself in corporate America, his passion for creativity and entrepreneurship was ignited. It was as if God Himself told Gamal that his purpose was bigger than the six-figure corporate life. Always taking pride in his own appearance, Gamal set his sights on a trend that started to revolve. In an industry that is primarily dominated by the female demographic, Gamal was ready to kick down every door in the grooming industry. Nowadays, more men are stepping into the well-groomed spotlight in their appearance. One of the latest accessories that men are rocking and bringing back to life is the beard.

Gamal has created a product that is for men so we’re not using our girlfriend’s products anymore. He initially found his interest in the venture during his time studying in a program called Flashpoint, which is the amazing idea incubator that has fueled many companies to become billion-dollar companies. It was after completing a year of the program that Gamal realized his own need to step up his game when it came to his own grooming techniques.

Fresh Heritage is an idea that Gamal got after a trip to North Africa with his brother. They learned a lot of the different natural herbs and oils for health and betterment. The locals were able to educate them on the homeopathic benefits of natural oils such as Argon. After coming back to the states with this new knowledge and seeing the trend of the beard now in full effect, he and his brother decided to put it to the test. If the oils and grooming techniques that they learned were good enough for the Pharaohs of Africa back in the day then surely they are good enough for the kings of today. Now, Gamal realized that he was in no way being a humanitarian and helping other young men with their appearance and realized that the outward appearance is only one aspect of what he could be doing. He partnered up with the 100 Black Men of America and decided to start being apart of the development of those young men with The Emerging 100 Black Men of Atlanta. Emerging 100 is the first young professional’s group of 100 black men in the country. He has a very soft spot for young men that come from impoverished neighborhoods and backgrounds such as he did and really wanted to find a way to empower and encourage them at their young age. He continues to demonstrate a passion for helping others succeed in life by sharing his knowledge and experience. He is the epitome of a Quintessential Gentleman.

Learn More about the Fresh Heritage Brand visit and connect with Gamal Codner on Instagram and Twitter.

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